Increasing number of Data breaches, hacks struck the cyber community

“Cyber security problems” is a serious topic that should be discussed to mark the reasons that caused major data breaches in the year 2018. Cybersecurity experts do their best to keep save huge companies, businesses or even governments from cyber attacks. However, they get walloped by seeing the huge increasing in data breaches, hacks in that year as well.

Major attacks in 2018

2018 became the witnesses of have various institutions, different industries or businesses data breaches. Cyber criminals often attack people in their worst conditions like Tsunamis or hurricane. Some of the major attacks that happened in year 2018 are:

87M users Facebook users’ data breach

Cambridge Analytica firstly exposed about this. It was an issue where the unknown malicious actors targeted the famous social site the Facebook and collected information about millions of social platform users. It came in the social media officials on 25th of September according to which, more than 50 Million users accounts had been hacked due to the attacked. Facebook officially admitted that the total figure is 87 Million users whole data is collected and shared. According to the Facebook, the attackers could only be managed to collect information on the account and not the personal messages.

150 Million MyFitnessPal accounts affected due to Under Armour breach

150 Million Users’ account details including usernames, email addresses and passwords of the nutrition application all over world get affected during this attack on March. According to the investigation, this incident happened due to the unauthorized access. However, the criminals behind the attack were not able to collect payment information. But the du the data hacked led the shares of Under Armour dropped by 3.8 percent.

Quora Breach resulted in 100 Million users’ personal data exposed

On Nov 30, the famous Question-answer platform, the Quora users’ personal information exposed case was discovered that announced 100 Million of Quora users data including names, email addresses, and passwords get compromised due to a cyber attack. This attack also exposed the data from Twitter and Facebook users as well who linked them to their Quora website accounts.

Marriott International 500 guest records exposed

In September, the company received an alert that there is an attempt to access to the database of the Starwood guest. After investigation, it was found that it all started back in 2014. According to the Company officials, more than 500 Millions guests were affected by this attack. By this attack, the attackers could manage to collect information about accounts, reservations, booking details.

Exactics data breach incidence

It happened on Jane when it was found that some public servers of US allowed hackers to collect users’ information. In the public server Exactics huge data breach, over 340 Million records including email addresses, home addresses, phone numbers, and details about their habits get exposed. Fortunately, the unknown attackers could not manage to get the detail of credit card details or social security numbers.

Precautions that reduces the cyber security problems

We are in New Year; let do something new so as to save from the data breach. As the number of data theft and related incidences increases year by year, there is so much necessary to take some step to reduce that. The main problem is that no one exactly knows about the incident for a while or protects their data the right way. However, what one can do is to be sincere about this and try to make all the possible effort to safe from any such issues.

Sensitive Data such as credit card credentials, logins, passwords, names, addresses are so crucial and if some evil actors hacked them, they will certainly sell them to generate big amount of money. Identity theft is a serious issue and if that will happen on you, it becomes a danger of your privacy even.

 You should require as less as require data to share on the Internet, if you want that your data will never be exposed. Also, make some strong passwords; avoid making general passwords such as “12345”, “I Love You”, “any names”, “name of celebrities” and all other from the list of  ‘worst passwords of the year’ by SplashData.

Passwords should be combination of letter, number and symbols and must have 16 characters so that it is not that much easy to hacked your passwords and other related details. Also, avoid making same passwords for multiple logins. If you do that, the hackers will easily hack your all account by hacking one from them.