How to stop getting scammed by on the rise Google Calendar Spam

Way to prevent spam to invade on Google Calendar

It has recently been spotted that Scammers are now using Google Calendar exploit to deliver spam to users. If you are using Google Calendar, you might have noticed that someone invite you for some event that does not exist in practical, along with a bogus message that you have won new mobile phone.

It is anticipated that this Google Calendar Spam is being done by misusing the default Goggle settings. The scam message could be filled with malicious links clicking of which can lead into potentially unwanted apps or even some malware installations and can cause a potentially theft of private data.

Google Calendar Spam was spotted a few months ago and has been rising since then. If you are the once who get the scam messages, we are here with the solution. Follow the below mentioned step by step guide to get rid of the spam in Google Calendar.

Disable an option kept turned off by default

  • On the top of the Google Calendar there is Gear button, click on it and choose Settings
  • From the drop down menu on the left, select Event Settings
  • Change to No, only show invitations to which I have responded from “Automatically add invitations”

This will only add meeting to your Calendar and no automatic additions will be entertained. This will let your Google Calendar neat and free from spam.

Stop Gmail from Sending all events to your Calendar

In the left menu, select an option Events from Gmail and deselect “Automatically add events from Gmail to my Calendar”

“You will no longer see events automatically added from your email” warning message will appear and “Previously added events from Gmail will be removed” will be shown up to you. Click Okay.

Get rid of past spam invitations

  • Go to View options section in Event Settings
  • Deselect Show declined events

These steps are provided in detail in The Verge in a guide last week and we have shown here after verifying the procedures.

Kaspersky, in the recent report, says, unethical spammers try to get the bank card details or ask for a transfer fee using the phishing links in Google Calendar Spam.

“Attackers are also adept at using Google Calendar to set up fake polls for which a reward is likewise offered. And there is nothing to prevent them from using this same loophole to distribute other types of spam or phishing, as well as malware,”