How to remove Tarmac Virus from MacOS

Easy methods to delete Tarmac Virus from MacOS X computer

Are you searching for the solution to remove Tarmac Virus (Mac Malware) from System? Have you ever noticed this malware in your System? Don’t be panics, please read this article carefully. I am sure this article will help you to remove Tarmac Virus from computer completely & safely. According to Cyber security experts, it is very devastating malware and computer infection that is belongs to Trojan horse virus category. It opens the backdoor of your computer and allows the hacker to control or access your computer in its own ways that can be very dangerous for you. Let’s start the discussion about this malware in detail.

What is Tarmac Virus (Mac Virus)?

It is very harmful Mac Malware or Trojan horse virus that is come under Cyber threats. Tarmac is also known as OSX/Tarmac Trojan that targets your MacOS X computer without permission and corrupts major genuine functions of your computer immediately. It is hard to detect/delete this malware by most the antivirus software or other security application because this virus is able to block all the security software running in your computer without any notice and start infecting your PC deeply. In simple word, we can say that you can’t work on your computer comfortably as usual like before due to its dubious behaviors. If your System has detected this malware, then you should try to remove Tarmac Virus from System immediately.

More details about Tarmac Virus

This dubious Mac Virus installs harmful Trojan in your computer that spreads the copies of itself in each folder of your computer immediately and makes all files corrupted. It infects/corrupts all personal files of your computer and drops error messages on your System screen. Tarmac Virus is also considered as Password Stealer Virus that loads legitimate installer of Flash Player just to trick you into believing that installation is successful. However, it connects your PC to remote server and allows the cybercriminals to control your PC in their own ways. Its main aim is to collect your some information such as IP address, URLs search, user name, password, banking information and more details. So, you should scan your System with very strong antivirus software that has the ability to delete all junk files or viruses from System.

Distribution Methods: How your System gets infected from Tarmac Virus?

  • Freeware or shareware: It can get install in your System accidently from bundles of free software packages which you are downloaded from internet.
  • Infected external media drives: It can get enters into your machine via infected CD, DVD, USB drives, SD cards and others.
  • Malicious email messages: It can come in your computer via email spam messages which contain infected attachments.
  • Fake software updates or pirated software: If you are using pirated or crack software in your computer, then you might get malicious infection in your computer.

Automatic Removal of Tarmac virus (Instant Solution)

The deletion and uninstallation of components related to Tarmac virus is possible through both manual as well as automatic process. However, the manual removal steps require a lot of expertise and technical knowledge. It is advised to use an automatic Tarmac virus removal tool so that you can remove all the threats present in the work-station in hassle-free way. Additionally, it improves the PC security setting and protects the PC from malware attacks in future.

Remove all the suspicious files, folders and PUA related to Tarmac virus from Mac OSX

Step 1: In the /Library/LaunchAgents folder, check for all the suspicious files that are generated by the adware.

In the Go to Folder … bar, type /Library/LaunchAgents

In “LaunchAgents” folder, you can check for any suspicious files or folders and move them to “Trash”. Some of the common suspicious files types are “installmac.AppRemoval.plist”, “kuklorest.update.plist” , “mykotlerino.ltvbit.plist”, “”, and so on.

Step2: Check for suspicious files and folders created by the adware in /Library /Application Support folder

In the Go to Folder.. bar, type: /Library/Application Support

Go to “Application Support” folder and check for any new files or folder that looks suspicious. Doubtful applications such as “NicePlayer” and “MPlayerX” etc. should be moved to Trash

Step3: Check for suspicious files and folders created by the adware in /Library /LaunchAgents folder:

In Go to Folder bar, type /Library/LaunchAgents

In the “LaunchAgents”, select all the recently added files and folders that looks suspicious and move them to “Trash”. Example of some of the suspicious files are “installmac.AppRemoval.plist”, “”, “mykotlerino.ltvbit.plist”, “kuklorest.update.plist” and so on.

Step4: Check for suspicious files and folders created by the adware in /Library /LaunchDaemons folder:

In the Go to Folder… bar, type: /Library/LaunchDaemons

In the “LaunchDaemons” folder, looks for all the suspicious and doubtful files that have been recently added. Some of the example of such files are “”, “”, “”, “com.avickUpd.plist” and move them to “Trash”.

Step5: Remove Tarmac virus from Internet Browsers

Delete Malicious Extensions from Safari

Uninstall all the extension related to Tarmac virus from “Safari”

Open the Safari Browser, In the menu bar, select “Safari” and click on “Preferences”

In the preference window, choose “Extension” and search for any newly added suspicious extension. When any suspicious extensions get detected, select the “Uninstall” button next to them. You must know that none of the extensions are necessary for daily browsing activities.

Remove all the plug-ins related to Tarmac virus from “Mozilla Firefox”

Delete all the add-ons related to Tarmac virus from Mozilla Firefox

Open the Mozilla Firefox. Click on the “Open Menu” present at the top right corner of the screen. In the newly opened menu, choose “Add-ons”.

In the “Extension tab”, select all the suspicious add-ons and click on the remove button next to them. Again, you can delete all the extension as none of them are necessary for the normal browser operation

Remove Malicious Extension from Google Chrome

Delete Google Chrome add-ons related to Tarmac virus

Open Google Chrome and click on “Chrome menu” that is located on the top-right corner of the screen. In the drop-down menu, choose “More Tools” and select “Extensions”.

In the extension window, select all the suspicious add-ons. After tracing all of them, click on the “Trash” option button next to them. Again, if require you can delete all the extensions as they are not necessary for normal browsing activities.

Step 6:  Scan the Mac PC with an automatic Tarmac virus Removal Tool

If you execute all the steps mentioned above in your Mac as it is stated, your work-station will get free from malware. However, to be sure that your PC is free malware, it is advised to scan it with a powerful anti-malware tool. Using automatic tool is also recommended because not every victims or users have expertise and technical knowledge to execute the manual process mentioned above in a proper way.

After you download the application, you have to execute in your work-station and begin the automatic scanning. On scanning, if it shows” Tarmac virus threats found”. You can select its files and folders and remove it.

Note: Cliick here to get the Detailed User Guide to Use the anti-malware tool