How to Fix MSVCP120.dll Missing Error (Complete Guide)

Easy methods to fix MSVCP120.dll Missing Error

This article will help you to remove MSVCP120.dll Missing Error from Windows PCs completely & safely. According to Cyber security experts, this error has been fixed by most of authorized companies. When this DLL file is missing in your computer, then you get an error messages on your computer screen. It might occur by several reasons like out-of-date of Windows OS or other software program, running pirated software, installed software in incorrect manner and others. Don’t be panics, please read this article carefully.

You may see MSVCP120.dll Missing Error in following ways:

  • If you installing same program which has installed in your computer previously, then you might get “MSVCP120.dll Missing Error” on your computer.
  • If you playing latest games in your computer previous version of Operating System, then you might get this dll file missing error in your computer.
  • It might possible that your System has infected from malicious infection. Examples of dangerous malware are Supplier Registration Form Email Virus,, Slimware DriverUpdate Virus and others. This malicious program can delete MSVCP120.dll files from Windows PCs that causes serious troubles.
  • If the current Windows operating System running in your computer has out-of-date, then you might get this dll file missing error.

Prevention Tips to Fix MSVCP120.dll Missing Error:

Tips 1: You can download MSVCP120.dll file and save in required folder

Step 1: Open browser and downloaded MSVCP120.dll file in your machine.

Step 2: Copy the downloaded DLL file in folder where dll file are missing.

Step 3: Then Restarts your computer once.

Note: You can remove this downloaded dll file, if it doesn’t work properly.

Tips 2: Re-install an application showing MSVCP120.dll missing error:

You need to re-install an application which shows “MSVCP120.dll file is missing” messages on your computer.  Suppose, you are trying to run pdf convertor application and suddenly you get MSVCP120.dll error on your computer screen. Then it is important to re-install these pdf convertor apps in PCs.

Tips 3: You need to update your Windows PCs

At first, you check whether your Windows OS is updated or not. This type file missing error might occurs on your System due System out-of-date. So, you need to keep update your Windows System.

Tips 4: You need to scan your PCs with very strong antivirus (Automatic Solution)

Sometimes, “MSVCP120.dll Missing Error” messages occurs on your machine due to malicious infection.  It might possible that you have installed adware, Trojan and other harmful malware in your computer accidently in your computer. So, you should scan your computer with very powerful antivirus software that has the ability to delete all junk files or viruses from System. I am sure that MSVCP120.dll Missing Error is fixed.

If you are still unable to fix  MSVCP120.dll Missing Error  then it might be due to some harmful viruses. In such situation, you can try to for Spyhunter security tool.

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