Google to Use Mobile Prompts in Place of SMS Codes

The two-step verification of Google will be revamped from next week and the one-time security code SMS will be replaced by a prompt shown on the user’s registered smartphone screen.  Google had adopted 2SV scheme for very long but due to recent increase in the SS7 telephony protocol attacks, company has decided to drop using this process. Recently, there have been many cases where hackers were able to access the users Google Account as they managed to take over the mobile phone numbers of victims to get one-time codes SMS.

The RollOut Process Begins Next Week

The new mobile prompts features will be going to start next week. The phone must have an internet-connectivity feature to use this feature. So, when you login in your Google Account, a prompt will be shown on the phone which asks for the approval from owner to grant the login request permission. With a  tap of a button, user can authorize the login result.

The prompt contains information such as device, location, login time and so on. So, while approving the Google account login, user have to carefully check these details and make sure that it corresp0nds the device that they are using the access the device.

SMS One-time codes will be replaced by Mobile Prompts

Initially, this program will be invited to users with SMS-based 2SV enabled for their account. This Google invitation can be declined by the user and they can continue using one-time SMS codes. The users are utilizing security keys will not receive the invitation as security keys are considered to be more safe for protecting accounts. According to Google, it will re-invite the users to join mobile prompt after six months. For iOS users, they have to install Google search app installed in their device to see 2SV login prompts.