GandCrab RaaS is Available in Black Market of Russia

Ransomware as a service (Raas) has become a profession of many software developers in present time because of the profits hackers have grossed due to such infections. In the same link, GandCrab Ransomware has been exposed by Australian cyber-security investigators from LMNTRIX that was to be vended on the black market for unclear amount of money. Raas project is one of the most popular money making service among cyber crooks because even it’s an illegal way to make money, still, they have absolutely no threat of being identified. Numerous people have committed to merge this illicit occupation in order to generate millions of dollars without being recognized. They buy Ransomware by paying some amount of crypto-currency to the authors; get all the instructions on how to make use of the virus and then start the plunge.

Talking about GandCrab Ransomware, it’s a deadly crypto-virus that generally intrudes the targeted device via malvertising by using RID and exploits kits. Following successful infiltration, it encrypts all the files and data stored in internal memory of the compromised system by using a sophisticated algorithm and appends “.GDCB” extension with the name of each of them. After completing the encryption process, it creates a ransom note GDCB-DECRYPT.txt and puts it on the desktop. Through this txt file, this hazardous virus asks the victim to pay a ransom amount of 1.54 DASH to the attackers which is approx. $1200 in order to get back access to the locked data again. GandCrab Ransomware is the only file-encrypting virus which deals in Dash coins.

It has been reported by LMNTRIX that authors of this Ransomware share 60 present of the revenue with associates that is supposedly to be increased by 10 present very soon. In order to satisfy the partners, GandCrab Ransomware developers also provide technical support services as well as updates for free. However, the deal only occurs on one conditions that is to bypass the countries that compromises commonwealth of independent states such as Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Russia, Moldova, Krygyzstan, Kazahstanm, Belarus, Azerbaijan and Armenia.

It is also unknown that how much licenses GandCrab extortionists sold but it is mandatory that number not passes 10. According to the researchers, till now there are no reports have been flashed about attack by this Ransomware.