Free decryption key release for several versions of GandCrab Ransomware

Romanian Cyber security experts firm Bitdefender has released the new free decryption key for version 1, 4 and 5 version of GandCrab Ransomware. Its main project “No More Ransom” was developed to help the victims to fight with ransomware and producing free decryption key or tools for innocent victims worldwide. Researchers worked with Romanian police as well as the organization from US, UK, Hugary, Bulgaria, France, Italy, Netherlands and Poland.

GandCrab Ransomware is one of the most powerful crypto-malware and popular malware that has affected numerous users worldwide including individuals, governments, corporate company and business users as well. According to experts, this dubious file encryption virus has release in January 2018 by Cyber criminals. They have developed its several version including GDCB, GandCrab v2, GandCrab v3.0, GandCrab v4.0, GandCrab v4.1, GandCrab v4.2 and GandCrab v5.0. The latest one is GandCrab v5 ransomware that uses the combination of random character to lock data of targeted System and drops ransom notes on their PCs. Nowadays, this threat has infected about millions of users worldwide.

Victory against ransomware: According to Europol, it is the latest victory of law enforcement in fight against ransomware and they have said “It is the most comprehensive decryption tool available to date for this particular ransomware family: it works for all but two existing versions of the malware (v.1,4 and 5), regardless of the victim’s geographical location.”

GandCrab developer helps the Syrian users

From recent news we have realized Syria is suffering from horrible war and many people are struggling lots. So, developers of GandCrab ransomware released free decryption key for this ransomware. Authors from GandCrab were written statement in underground forum that Syrian user can easily download free decryption key. They have also mention in its statement that no free decryption key will be provided in future.

Earlier in this week, ESET were released decryption key which would easily work for 979 Syrians user safely.

Cyber researchers won the battle against GandCrab ransomware

Bitdefender mentioned in their blog, they activity completed their job on the project “No more ransom” and decryption of verison of 2 and 3  which uses .CRAB or .KRAB file extension virus to lock victims data. They have also encrypted victims’ files and suggests them to these version of malware should not pay any ransom. So, researchers’ “No more ransom” project releaseses the cure.