Food Bank refuses to pay ransom fee after GlobeImposter attack

Auburn Food Bank, an organization that provides free food to those who need it, refuses to pay the ransom fee demanded by Cyber-crooks who managed to attack the Food Bank’s servers by Gloelmposter 2.0 ransomware which blocks the access to the organization employees’ emails. The officials from the Food Bank have decided to ask for the charity to help them paying the ransom fee.

There is no much information how the ransomware intruded or how much the ransom money is required. The incident was of 5th of June in the morning around 2AM when the office was empty.  Soon after discovered, the malicious components were deleted. Now, they are focusing on rebuilt the network since paying ransom is not an option.

Organization avoids paying ransom

Debbie Christian, the director the Food Bank decided for the charity. That money that is collected will not be used in the ransom payment but used in built the network that estimated to cost up to $8,000 comparing to GlobeImposter ransomware creators demanded free ($10,000 in Bitcoin)  is small.

According to the officials:

Not to pay the ransom, but to pay for the expense of recreating our computer system. We don’t have this kind of money budgeted and we are at the end of our fiscal year and heading into summer when money is already tighter.

The ransom note delivered in the html format in a file named HOW TO DECRPYT YOUOR FILES.Html. It contains contact email and a unique ID. It offers free decryption of one file for testing. To gain trust, the Cybercriminals offer the test decryption. There is no meaning to have trust on them.

Organizations are the main targets of ransomware

There are many organizations other than the Food Bank that got victimized by ransomware. All these big organizations avoided paying the ransom fee. They had known that the paying is not only solution for the data retrieval.

Researchers suggest avoid paying ransom fee as the Cybercriminals are not trustable. Employing a good IT security rather good option than opting paying ransom fee to the malicious actors. In this case, the Food Bank offers people to contribute to them. This can be done via one time/monthly/annually/quarterly.