FBI Spam email asking $112 for iCloud Account Verification

Cyber-criminals were aggressively using the name of FBI in the past for spreading spam and cyber-frauds. In the last year or so, there were several noticed reports of FBI virus which were mostly in the form of ransomware. This time, the aim of cyber-criminals is to attack Apple users. In recent activity, the victims are receiving an spam email from FBI which threats user that unauthorized activities has been executed from their Apple iCloud account and further it ask to pay $112 to a Bitcoin wallet for verifying their account. The received email looks exactly a clone of legitimate emails sent by FBI. It is always cynical and critical to receive such emails because it is obvious that FBI will not be interested in your iCloud account issue and ask for paying Bitcoin. If you receive such message or email then the first thing that you should check is grammar or spelling mistakes in the contents because the scam messages have mostly this issue.

The fake FBI email which we are talking about has a misleading subject named as “Virus Warning: E-Mail from FBI Alert”. It talks about unauthorized login in your iCloud account and asks to confirm your account by paying 112$ within 2 hours. It tries to create panic by claiming that if the money is not paid, the account will be locked permanently. This is a definitely a blackmail scam and FBI has no relation with this. It contains the senders name as [email protected] so that victim easily get misguided. The message goes as:

Virus Warning: E-mail from ‘FBI Alert’

Apple has detected an unauthorized sign-in to your iClodu [sic] account.

Please verify your account by sending 112$ to this Bitcoin address:

If no response is received your account will be locked for security.

The server will lock yor [sic] account within 2 hours if we don’t receive the payment!

We are working to create a world where privacy is the norm, end-to-end encryption is the standard, and security and usability are synonymous.

FBI and iCloud is selling a tool for iCloud protection against hackers and scammers this tool costs only 112$

the license for our tool is 360 days

if you are not familiar with bitcoin you can buy it from here:




After we confirm the payment, we send the private key so you can unlock your email and download our tool

FBI SECURIRY [sic] iCloud and Apple Protection

As you can easily notice so many spelling and grammar mistake in the email mentioned above. So, you should not worry about your iCloud account security and never run to pay ransom money. This is a spam and you should not trust on this.