Fake Charity Scam Websites have Plague Internet after Hurricane Harvey

The US residents are facing a lot of troubles due to Hurricane Harvey. It seems like the problem is not going to stop as cyber felons wants to take advantage and cheat the people who want to help the hurricane victims financially. Actually, they have developed so many scam websites who manipulate the users to send financial help to the victim of hurricane Harley. The money collected on these websites goes in the bank account of cyber-criminals.

The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team released an official warning to Internet users to be aware of possible Online scam campaigns. Additionally, the users are encouraged to be alert regarding scam emails. In past, many such cases have happened where cyber racketeers showed their nasty potential to cheat the innocent users through online scams and bogus fund raising apps. Most of such websites helping in such scams also charges for donation processing fees. If you read privacy policy of such scam websites, for example, GoFundMed.com, they say that they can share the collected data with third-parties.

Novice users easily get manipulated and pay money and donation without checking the legitimateness of processing channels including websites and apps. The donated money never goes to the victim of such natural disaster rather it goes in the account of cyber-criminals and they use such money as whichever way they like. They are more interested in accessing your bank account or cheating details like username, password etc. Recently such cases happened where the deadly 726 ransomware was wrapped with with the services offered by “Redactive Media Group”.

You must follow some basic precautionary measures to avoid such charity scams. First of all, you should always donate trusted sites and make sure that they are https. Read their privacy policy page and terms and use carefully. Check the proper credentials carefully such as contact information etc. in the charity domain.