Equifax Data Breach (Attck on 143 million users Detaills

Equifax is a very renowned company in US that provides its services in Finance and consumer credit reporting. Last night, the company faced a huge cyber-attack which steals details of more than 143 million customers. The stolen data is huge and they are very sensitive hence the users are really concerned. According to the Press-Release given by the company, the hackers cheated username, address, birth details, driver license number and so on. Additionally, they managed to access credit card details of more than 209,000 users and personal identifying number of additional 182,000 users. According to Equifax, the attackers also have details of Canadian and US users but they didn’t reveal their numbers.

The security breach at such as huge magnitude is very rare and is extremely dangerous. They get access over the highly sensitive information and make fraudulent transaction from cheated credit cards, username and password. It is very easy for hackers to make depth profiles on its targets to do illegal transactions.

Mistakes from Equifax

According to the company, it noticed the breach on 29 July but it waited for a month to disclose the issue in public platform. The user doesn’t get any notification for a month from company. If they have made public warnings earlier, users must have taken precautionary measures and could freeze their assets. This data breach is very severe, large and probably the worse of its kind. The already fragile Online financial service space is in huge shock.

After Effort from Equifax

Rick Smith, the CEO of Equifax apologizes to their users on a YouTube video. He as offered a free credit monitoring services to US citizens for a period of one year. The company has set a webpage where users can verify if they got infected with latest data breach. This website can also be used to enroll for the free credit monitoring services. Unfortunately, Equifax breach verification websites uses a stock WordPress site which is not considered best for running secured services.

Trading in Inside

Right after the data breach announcement, Bloomberg reported that three Equifax high ranking execs sold company stock of worth $1.8 million. Equifax later clarified that the execs who sold the company stock were not aware of the data breach.