Emotet Trojan Gang Sends Christmas Party Invitation Email: Asking To Open Malicious Attachments

New Malware campaign: “Emotet Trojan inviting you to Christmas Party” email asks you to open malicious attachments

According to report, Cybercriminal Group behind Emotet Trojan has started to deliver Christmas themed emails that trick you into opening the malicious attachments and become infected. One thing is clear that malware programmer behind this phishing/scam or email spam campaign wants to get the receipt to open the attached documents and infect targeted PCs with Emotet Trojan and other malware in order to open such malicious attachments.

As per our research, Emotet Trojan Gang uses variety of email themes including payment invoices, payment receipts, shipping details, voicemails and eFaxes. Due to these malicious emails, attacker can easily access recipients’ PC/device and infect their machine with Emotet Trojan or other infections. Hacker Group behinds this phishing/scam takes the advantages of upcoming festival “Christmas Party” and sending our holiday-themed emails that invite you to Christmas Parties, Thanksgiving, Halloween and other events.

Emotet Trojan Inviting you to Christmas Party: New Spam Campaign

As per our research, cyber crooks uses new email spam campaign in which they send out spam emails that impersonate a Christmas Party invitation using the subject like “Christmas Party next Week” or “Christmas Party”. On other hand, they add an attachment files with this invitation email that asks you to view an attached files to select something you will bring and for you to wear for you ugliest Christmas sweater to the party. Let’s take have a look at message displayed on “Emotet Trojan invite you to Christmas party” emails:


I have attached the menu for the Christmas Party next week. If you would like bring something, look at the list and let me know.

Don’t forget to get your donations in for the money tree.

Also, wear your tackiest/ugliest Christmas sweater to the party.

Emotet Trojan gang adds attachments like “Christmas party.doc” and “Party menu.doc” that explains about the invitation. According to Microsoft, this Christmas campaign asks the users to open the attachments that say the recipient must clicking on “Enabling Editing” or “Enable Content” in order to open/view the attachments.

In case if user/recipient enables the content, embedded macros with attachments will be executated and install Emotet Trojan in recipients’ PC. Once this malware installed, cyber crooks behind this attack will start infect victims’ PC deeply by downloading TrickBot Trojan to steal personal data and possibly end with ransomware stocking stuffer.

If you are receiving or received “Emotet Trojan inviting you to Christmas Party” emails, then don’t wait to install Emotet Trojan in your machine. We recommended you to avoid this type of email and simply do not open the attachments. For any suggestions or queries, please write comment box give below.

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