CryptoCurrency Miner (Second Most Popular Mac Malware)

According to reports by Symantec, CryptoCurrency Miner named as DevilRobber has shown a huge spike in the activities last month and now it is the second most popular Mac Malware. In last month, it showed a huge growth and it took up to 21.6 % of all Mac detection which is huge as compared to only 2.4% in May, 2017. The Mac Malware which is above it is RSPlug which is a DNS changer used in adware promotions. This report has been released by Symantec.


This malware has been detected as multiple names such as DevilRobber, Miner-D, and OSX.Coinbitminer. It was firstly detected by Intego Researchers on October 2011 and then later discovered by F-Secure and Sophos. In 2011, it was probably the first major malware which targeted Mac OS X. It was so sudden that Apple had to launched an emergency updates to limit its impact. It has spread using malicious Mac Apps promoted on torrent sites.  This new DevilRobber is the same infection from the past which has shown a huge growth in the attack rate in past two months. This CryptoMiner uses newer currencies like Ethereum or Monero which provides better result in miner operations.

According to Symmantec reports, the overall global spam level as spiked recently. In the same reports, spam email reached up to 54.3% of overall email volume which is highest since November 2016. There is one spam email in every 1975 emails as claimed by Symmantec. Thankfully, reports state that RIG Exploit Kit has declined its activity.