Collection #2-5: second bigger data dumps in this year

It’s just a beginning of year 2019, Collection #2-5 is second record-breaking data dumps has recorded after the Collection #1. The latter one that was discovered by troy Hunt in January consisted of approximately 773 million unique IDs and 21 million unique passwords.

The second and even larger data dumps referred to as Collection #2-5 was reported by German security website Heise in this very month. It consists of 2,692,818,238 records spreads across 12,000 files and is 845 GB in size.

Data containing the old leaks

According to Security researchers at wired researches report, the most of the stolen data appears to originate from previous data theft including the breaches of Yahoo, Linkedin and Dropbox.  Hasso Plattner Institude, another researchers Team created an Info Leak Checker to enables users to check whether their data have been included in Collection #2-5.

According to him, 750 million of the credential weren’t previously included in their database of leaked usernames and passwords. They also found that over 611 million data are those which are different from those of previous included in Collection #1.

David Jaeger, a Hasso Platter Institute research, believes that some part of collected data may originate from smaller, ambiguous website to steal their password databases.

Prevention is necessary

It seems that this data leak is mainly a collection previous data dumps; however, it doesn’t means that it can’t be exploited again. Thus, prevention is necessary. Thus, do curious while providing any personal details online. Also, you must need to store as less as possible data store on the system so that if such a incidence happens on you, you will not suffer any huge loss.