China produced microchips used to spy on major American companies

According to the reports from Bloomberg (“Global IT and Technology Company”) Business Week, the super micros’ server motherboard used in more than 30 different multinational companies of US are used for surveillance by China. This tiny microchip is as tiny as the tip of a pen. This chip which was originally developed by the US Company namely “Super Micro”. But during the manufacturing process in China, their government affiliated groups altered it. With this, China is conducting spying on US intelligence, military agencies, major banks and so many business internal servers of America.

Bloomberg Says, “This attack is very severe, much more severe than the Software based attacks that the world was familiar till now. This is a hardware hacking and hence it is much more difficult to pull off. It is much more severe and devastating.

Hardware attack was detected in 2015:

Amazon video service or Amazon Prime Video is now very popular and it has millions of users. Amazon starts to communicate with Elemental Technologies to extend or compress its video service. This tender was given to third parties security companies which detected some problems regarding microchips. They discover that chips were made with more equipment rather than original ones and it vary in share & size also. It was detect little pen like microchip is inbuilt or embedded on it. They come on the conclusion that this malicious microchip added to break security and gathers crucial & credential data of innocent users.

After all, the compromised device was extremely small and its functionality was small also, but it is significant. This malicious chip was programmed to communicate with numerous computers easily that were bundles under packages with powerful or sophisticated code inside it. It was made in such a way that device is forced or able to accept that codes.

Hackers could achieve their goals easily with help of this malicious chip and they alter the function of such device quickly with help of compromises chip.

Apple also wrote on Bloomberg Statement:

One thing we can clear that Apple has never found malicious chips or “hardware manipulation” planted in any server. Apple never had any contact with FBI or any other agencies about such type of incident.

Further reaction on this matter, Super Micro claimed that they have never been contacted by any government officials because of this matter. They are not aware of any customer dropping Super micro as the supplier for this issue.

Statement of China on the matter:

At last, Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs also said on this matter that the country is defender of Cyber security and did not offer or conduct such type of activities.