Cerber Ransomware (The Biggest Cyber-Security Threat)

Our team of security-experts on malware-board.com has minutely scrutinized the year 2016 and they conclude that last year was the year of ransomware. The particular parasite that infected and troubled the most is Cerber Ransomware. The Cerber threat started in middle of the year and its prevalence increased steadily and it took over popular ransomawre including Osiris and Locky. Till today, Cerber has gone under so many improvements and versions and this has helped it remain as one of the most dangerous cyber-threat till now. Our security teams has almost detected its 10 variants and found that each one of them has better encryption algorithm than the previous version. It spreads through spam emails as well as fake software update payloads. You will be surprised to know that none of its variants has been decrypted with free decryption tool. This directly indicates the capability of Cerber. The groups of cyber-criminal who are behind this malware are very organized and highly experienced. There is a bad news for you as well as that is Cerber has triggered their first version in the first of 2017 itself. The Cerber activities are not going to decrease anytime soon and it will not be easy for you to maintain your PC security. The bank-account of hackers is going to heap this year as well as they are constantly in the look for new unsuspecting victims.

In 2017, Cerber ransomware has touched a new level and has become more dangerous than ever. Now, it supports Ransomware-as-a-Service campaign (RAAS) which means any one can participate in its distribution. Any wannabe cyber-hackers can now use the source code of Cerber and develop their own version of data-encrypting malware. Ransomware builder are using anonymous TAR network for the promotion. Additionally, it can directly be occupied through auctions and paying to the hacker. In our analysis, it came to know that it is very customizable and hackers are free to choose the type of files which their version of Cerber will encrypt. The distribution strategy could also be customized and you never know from where it will come next. It is impossible to predict how many versions of Cerber is coming this year but there it is sure that it will outnumber the last year.

Cerber malware has been extensively boosted by RaaS campaign and RIG exploit kit. Now, it can specifically target particular software vulnerabilities and exploit it circulate this malware. The personal computers as well as corporate computer networks are in danger this time. Cerber ransomware is not going to lose its number one position this year as well. Hopefully, its free decryption code will be developed by security experts as early as possible. Make proper backup copies of your important files and data and update it regularly.