How to fix Windows 10 update error 0x80070652 (Complete Tutorial)

Windows 10 update error 0x80070652 Windows Operating System is considered to be very vulnerable especially if you compare it with Mac OS X or Linux. Since its users are in millions, hence Microsoft constantly works on making this OS secured so that their user’s base becomes stronger. The first thing they do is releasing regular security patches and then releasing regular updates. The Windows 10 update error 0x80070652 is one thing that many PC users face especially while installing updates. This error is not limited to only Windows 10 but could be also noticed on other versions as well. In some cases, this error may also occur when you try to access certain programs that consume heavy CPU usage and resources. The reason behind error 0x80070652 could be multiple and you should not really bother about the reasons. Some other Windows 10 update error is 0x80240034 which has similar behaviors. Read more

How to fix Tea timer.exe error (Complete Instruction)

Easy methods to fix Tea timer.exe error If you are using Teatimer.exe program regular in your computer, then be careful. This program is unsafe for your computer privacy. In this article, you will read complete details about Teatimer.exe as well as you will get the solution to fix Tea timer.exe error. You can read this article for learning or educational purpose also. According to Cyber security experts, it blocks all the legitimate processes running in your computer and leads major damages in your computer. It can easily be seen in Task manager of computer as running process that has the ability to corrupt rest of legitimate application of your computer immediately. Don’t be panics, please read this article carefully. What is Teatimer.exe? According to Cyber security researchers, it is unsafe program for your computer that is come under Cyber threats. You may see its location that is located in C:\Progarm Read more

Know How to Fix Windows Safe Mode not Working Issues

Fix Not Working Safe Mode on Windows 10 Windows Safe Mode is used to fix the Windows PC boot problems. When you start up your PC, you will see this configuration setting along with some other configuration options such as Last Known Good Configuration, Video-Display Mode, and Low Resolutions and so on. This start-up option is provided in every Windows version and this has been developed by Microsoft to fix Boot issues such as System freeze, BSOD, boot loop, malware infection and so on. Problem: Fix Not Working Safe Mode on Windows 10 Generally, when Windows PC doesn’t start up smoothly or get stuck in between, it is recommended to use Safe Mode for booting the System. When you choose this start-up mode, the Windows Operating System opens in a diagnostic mode. It uses the least sets of drivers and System functions and thus it bypass the malfunctioning component and Read more

How to Remove System Restore Error 0x80070091 (Easy Steps)

Depth Analysis on System Restore Error 0x80070091 and Method to Stop Restoring the Windows 10 System is a very task and can be executed easily even by a novice users. However, sometimes you may notice alerts like System Restore Error 0x80070091 on the screen while executing the restoring process. This error generally occurs when there is a bad sector on an external hard-drive. This is the primary cause but there could be other reasons as well as such as malware attack. This is a very common error message and people are talking about this issue in various Online forums. This error is irritating and occurs every time when you restore an infected System. Microsoft is also aware that users are facing System Restore Error 0x80070091 on frequent basis and thus it too has provided a solution to fix the problem and they have been mentioned below.