Stuxnet’s new version tries to affect Iran’s System

A more modern version of Stuxnet tries to enter Iran’s systems According to Cyber security researchers from Iran, new version of Stuxnet virus has come which trying to targets the country to harm its uranium-enrichment program’s System. This attack didn’t achieve its goal as it was terminated by technical terms of country. According to Telecommunication minister and head of Defense Agency, Israel is guilty of such activity without any doubt. The more information about Stuxnet’ attack came in headline two days after Iran had noticed that the mobile phone of their president was bugged by illegal ones or hackers. The head of Iran’s civil defense agency, Gholamreza Jalali was cited by semi-official news “Recently we discovered a new generation of Stuxnet which consisted of several parts and was trying to enter our systems”. Hazardous Worm:  Stuxnet is more technically advance Stuxnet was very big headline from its released date that Read more

Malware infection at USGS due to viewing Adult Contents

Viewing adult content resulted in malware infection on USGS networks According to researchers, the malware infection was found in U.S Geographical Survey (USGS) computer network due by company’s employees were viewing adult content on regular. They had reached or visited more than 9000 pornographic websites that cause serious issues in company’s network. Many of the porn contents were Russian-based that contain malware inside as bundles which getting in to their System and affects the entire network as well. However, the unknown employee watching porn and downloading the pornographic contents on their Android device which had lead major damages.  The victims connected it to the System which was government-issue and let the infection network with malware. Matthew T. Elliott who was the Office of Inspector General and Assistant Inspector General for Investigation, the person who implements the Audit which has recommended USGS strong policies about insecure website domains and monitors the Read more

US Midterm elections’ voter databases for the sale at affordable price

Millions of Voter Records Up for Sale Ahead of the US Midterm Elections After the US Midterm election ended, the underground marketer appears voter databases or record available for sale at huge prices. There are rich details available of Voter in its databases that can help the hacker learn enough to steal victims’ identity. Carbon Black statement: Millions of voter’s data record up for sale According to Cyber security company Carbon Black, there is once market on dark web lists of voter databases with huge collection of records for sale. Researchers have identified those voter databases of 20 different states available for sale on Dark Web. The hacker steals details including voter IDs, full names, gender, phone number, citizenship, current & previous physical address and other details. This information of voters is enough to crafting scam and it is difficult to detect or protect these crucial data. According to researchers, Read more

TomorrowLand Customer’s data exposed due to ticket System hacked

Tomorrowland’s ticket system hacked, personal data stolen Recent news about Customer’ data exposure that organizer of Tomorrowland music festivals sentenced about their customers’ personal details which they were given while purchasing ticket, it had been hacked by cyber criminals. The hacker has stolen users’ personal data who bought ticket four years ago for the festivals. After all, the good news is that these criminals have not access any payment or address details of Tomorrowland’s customers. Data Exposure:  Attack in Tomorrowland’s tricketing System Cyber criminals are behind such illegal tactics. They always try to access poorly secured PCs and infect it deeply. Its main motive is to access the users’ System remotely and steal their personal details as well. In cases of Tomorrowland’s tricketing System, they are already exposed some crucial data of customers like name or surname, email ID, postal code, gender, age and others. Every year in Belgium, electronic Read more

Mirai Botnet authors get six month of house arrest

Mirai botnet co-author sentenced to pay $8.6 million in restitution According to co-author of Mirai or Paras Jha’s Statement is finally one of the Mirai authors for six months house arrest for creating & developing the self-propagating malware stains Mirai in 2016. They were order to pay about $8.6 Million in damages and serve 2500 hours of community service. DDoS attacks in Rutgers University Mirai Botnet is powerful malware developed by three hackers Paras from New Jersey, Josiah White from Washington and Dalton Norman from Metairie. Paras Jha was the student of Rutgers Universality studying Computer Science. The hacker used Mirai Botnet to launch at least four DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks against the University’s Network. This Botnet is able to Cyber attack Large-Scale by using poorly secured Internet devices like Router, security Cameras and other devices connect them for implementations. Paras Jha released the series of DDoS Cyber Read more

Free decryption key release for several versions of GandCrab Ransomware

Romanian Cyber security experts firm Bitdefender has released the new free decryption key for version 1, 4 and 5 version of GandCrab Ransomware. Its main project “No More Ransom” was developed to help the victims to fight with ransomware and producing free decryption key or tools for innocent victims worldwide. Researchers worked with Romanian police as well as the organization from US, UK, Hugary, Bulgaria, France, Italy, Netherlands and Poland. GandCrab Ransomware is one of the most powerful crypto-malware and popular malware that has affected numerous users worldwide including individuals, governments, corporate company and business users as well. According to experts, this dubious file encryption virus has release in January 2018 by Cyber criminals. They have developed its several version including GDCB, GandCrab v2, GandCrab v3.0, GandCrab v4.0, GandCrab v4.1, GandCrab v4.2 and GandCrab v5.0. The latest one is GandCrab v5 ransomware that uses the combination of random character to Read more

Pocket iNet ISP has exposed 73 GB of internal corporate data

According to experts from UpGuard Cyber, 73 GB of downloaded data online has exposed by Washington Internet Service Provider (ISP) Pocket iNet accidently. This information includes corporate data like AWS secret keys of IPS’s users or employees and user name & password in plain text format. This report claims about Misconfiguration of Amazon S3 storage results in data exposure. It made all the data information vulnerable for Cyber crooks and allows them to access these data. They keep record of all information including user name & password in plain text and other data as well. It took seven days of company before the Pocket iNet safeguard the exposure. ISP (Internet Service Provider) claims that the company uses the latest technologies to provide service. They write on official website that “Pocket iNet makes use of bleeding edge and emerging technologies such as native IPv6, Carrier Ethernet and local fiber to the Read more

Internet users may experience network failure for next 48 hours

It is clear that Global internet will be shut down for next 48 hours and that time period, Internet users will not be able to use or access internet or favorite domain. It is also clear that this task will be held by ICANN for maintenance work. Recent news from Russia Today said that internet users from any location might experience network failure or internet failure. It means that the main servers and related network will be shut down for several periods of times. According to experts, ICANN (Internet Corporation Assigned Names and Numbers) will involve in maintenance work during that time period by modifying cryptographic key that can help that helps DNS to protect them. This technique is used to restrict the Cyber attacker for illegal attacks.  (Communications Regulatory Authority) Statements: The global internet shutdown is essential to check network security, stability and resilient DNS. In the case, if Read more

China produced microchips used to spy on major American companies

According to the reports from Bloomberg (“Global IT and Technology Company”) Business Week, the super micros’ server motherboard used in more than 30 different multinational companies of US are used for surveillance by China. This tiny microchip is as tiny as the tip of a pen. This chip which was originally developed by the US Company namely “Super Micro”. But during the manufacturing process in China, their government affiliated groups altered it. With this, China is conducting spying on US intelligence, military agencies, major banks and so many business internal servers of America. Bloomberg Says, “This attack is very severe, much more severe than the Software based attacks that the world was familiar till now. This is a hardware hacking and hence it is much more difficult to pull off. It is much more severe and devastating. Hardware attack was detected in 2015: Amazon video service or Amazon Prime Video Read more

How to remove Windows 10 Update Error 0x80240034 (Fix 0x80240034)

Fix Windows 10 Update Error 0x80240034 (Complete Solution) This article will give you complete information about Windows 10 Update Error 0x80240034 as well as you will get some recommended solution to delete it from System. According to Cyber security experts, this update error has already fixed by Microsoft, but many users have reported about its unusual behaviors. They are suffering a lot while they have getting this Windows error messages on their PCs. Don’t be panics, please read this article carefully. If you are unable to update your Windows PCs and getting Error 0x80240034 messages i.e., too much irritating, then you should go for better solution that is capable to fix this error. Error 0x80240034 may display on your computer if some genuine software of Windows OS or some hardware has been failure. It might possible that you have installed pirated software in your Windows PCs. In that case, you Read more