WannaCry/WannaSpam collects ransom via malicious email spam messages

This news is all about WannaCry and its malicious infections which has been affected more than hundreds computer via malicious email spam messages. Cyber security experts have detected this nasty malware attack and they have given some recommended solution as per System requirements. According to them, WannaCry Ransomware is very devastating malware and computer infection that get enters into victims’ PCs via malicious email spam messages and its attachments. WannaCry scam is creation of malware programmer who wants to earn some illegal income and cheat with innocent users. It is looks-like genuine program and claims to decrypt victims’ System and their files immediately, once the required ransom will be paid to them.  They send an email messages to victims and do promises to decrypt their files quickly. Many people have reported about its malicious activities in their computer to security experts. Theses fake emails are not an easy task to Read more

Financial organization from Europe is targeted by Olympic Destroyer

This news is all about Olympic Destroyer or new phishing attack that is almost similar to the incident which had come during the opening ceremony of Winter Olympics 2018. It has identified by security researchers and they have given some recommended solution as per System requirements. According to them, this new Olympic Destroyer is made using very powerful algorithm by attackers that have the capacity to infect users’ PCs deeply. This malicious program is now infecting the computers of almost all country of Europe such as France, Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine and Germany. It targets their computer and infects it brutally. Olympic Destroyer is spreading in innocent users’ computer via email messages and their attachments. When the users are click/download such attachments on his/her computer, then it might possible to get malicious infection in computer. This malicious program installs in their computer without permission and working in the background of computer Read more

Scammers can now read facebook feed and email messages via Microsoft Edge bug

Cyber security experts have detected Microsoft Edge bug recently and they have given some recommended solution as per System requirements. According to them, Jake Archibald has discovered this bug accidently that is very serious problem for all web users. It allows the hacker to control on some web service like email service, facebook and other. It is able to read email messages and facebook feed of your users without their permission. Attackers are always tried to infect Microsoft Edge browser of users’ PCs and displays bogus warning messages on their browser. Microsoft Edge Bug allows the hacker to attack some other popular legitimate web browser as well. The most dangerous thing about this web attacks’ program is that it modifies the specific website to exploits CVE-2018-8235 Bug by Microsoft Edge. It forcedly redirects the browser on malicious website domain without permission. Harmful impacts of Microsoft Edge bug: It allows the Read more

Betabot malware is back and spreads via malicious Office documents

The recent attack is found in most of the users’ computer i.e., Betabot malware that is able to steal some crucial & confidential information of innocent users. It has identified by Cyber security researchers since 2013 as Botnet and banking Trojan which does malicious infection as well as steal sensitive data of users. This misleading programs is mostly get enters via office documents such as excel, access, Word and pdf. It is designed by Cyber criminals in such a way that it exploits CVE-2017-11882 Vulnerability. According to security experts, it was discovered in 2017. But, this malicious infection is come back from various methods of bundling. It attacks mostly Microsoft office documents to get enters into users PCs. It installs similar malware in their PCs and leads major damages. It is hard to detect/delete this cunning malware by most of the antivirus programs. It blocks all security updates and installing Read more

Scammers target Booking.com users via WhatsApp messages

Booking.com is genuine web service that helps the users buy a ticket online or book the hotel. It is one of the best reservation companies for each user who want to make trip to any places. Some messaging app or mobile app is doing scam with innocent user. They send some messages like Boucher, discount offers and so on. Have you ever seen the messages like “Hello, Argos is giving away € 500 free Voucher to celebrate 31st anniversary, go here to get it: ‘http://www.argos.com/mycoupons’” on your whatsapp messages? This message has spreads in Ireland and Britain user’s mobile by cyber criminals who take control on their devices as well. The similar types of scam have been detected in case of Booking.com where most of the users have claim that their personal information might by at high risk while booking ticket on Booking.com. According to Booking.com or companies, they take Read more

Is Windows defender enough?

Cyber crime is increasing day-by-day that is big issues for single user and business organization. The time has lapse when the people had thinking about viruses. Nowadays, Cyber criminals is creating malicious harm viruses like Ransomware, Spyware, adware, PCs worms and other various forms that gets enters into user’s PCs from various methods of bundling. Many users have reported the malicious behavior of malicious program or software. It is serious task to Protecting your PCs against theses type of virus or harmful programs. One question bears in mind that how to detect/delete these malicious harmful malware? There many suspicious websites that shows fake antimalware or other PCs optimization tools and claims that it will delete all junk files or virus and improve your System performance as well. They are comes under Cyber treats. Features of Windows defender: Windows defender is an important part of Windows Operating System that is build Read more

Svchost Is Causing High Network Usage

Task manager is PCs tools that help to check the performance of operating System and get the complete information about the running program or process. It gives the information about CPU memory, RAM & ROM, network usages and other. Here, users can see all running exe program and get the information about its memory usages. Network tab displays the utilization of network as well as shows the bandwidth of network whether the network is busy or high network usages. If you have noticed svchost.exe in task manager, then it causes high network usages. Svchost or svchost.exe stands for service Host which has the responsibility to assisting Windows to host service. It is capable to hosts the large number of services of Windows at ones. That’s why; you have seen multiple svchost or service host process running in task manager of your computer. If each & every services is running by Read more

Trickbot Trojan returns: banking virus

Trickbot has detected by Cyber security experts. According to them, it is very dangerous banking virus which has the capability to steals financial details of customer. This nasty program is made for purpose by Cyber criminals who want to gain illegal online profit and cheat with innocent user. They never do any mercy. They keep record of users’ confidential details and steals money from their bank’s account as well. They send series of email messages using the name of some trustworthy bank’s name and asks you to fill your financial details and send to them. Trickbot Trojan is big online scam that is new phishing scam. Webroot was previous version that has detected by security researcher in 15 March 2016. Trickbot is new version which has extra capacity or features than previous ones. Cyber criminals send malicious links on customer emails that infects their internet browsing performance. This malware get Read more

GDPR scam: new phishing trick

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation that is used by Cyber criminals for illegal purpose. They try to generate illegal income or profit from these techniques. Cyber security experts have detected this new email phishing attacks. According to them, it is new tricks used by crooks which easily attack Windows OS based computer and steals some crucial & confidential data as well. They try to collect some information such as login ID, email ID, password, IP address, financial data and more details. GDPR scam is big online scam creation of Cyber criminals which is mostly attacks user’s PCs via email spam messages. It has recently affected account of NatWest bank customer’s and steals their financial details as well. They show fake notification on user’s computer and ask them to send their crucial details. Most of the users have reported about its malicious behavior. They never do any mercy with Read more

Symptoms of computer virus: Every PC Users Must Know

In this article we will go through the various parameters of computer virus What is virus? Computer virus is a type of hazardous software program that get loaded in your device without your consent. When affected, it duplicates itself by modifying other programs into your computer through inserting its own code.  All computer viruses are made by humans and it has tendency to affect your whole computer by replicating itself exponentially. Viruses are so malevolent to computers that even a simple one can access, all available memory thus bringing system to a halt. Some viruses are so dangerous that it can bypass all encrypted security measures and transmits through various networks. Here are some of the Symptoms of computer virus that will give you the idea that your computer may have been affected by virus Slower processing of computer Computer can act slowly due to various reasons like lower memory Read more