How to Fix Error 0x0000007F in Windows 10 (Fix UNEXPECTED KERNEL MODE TRAP)

Easy methods to Fix UNEXPECTED KERNEL MODE TRAP This article will give you complete information about UNEXPECTED KERNEL MODE TRAP or Error 0x0000007F as well as you will get some recommended tips to fix this error permanently. You can read this article for learning or educational purposes. According to Cyber security experts, this error can be displayed your Windows 10 OS based computer that is too much irrigating. You can’t understand that the error you have get in your PCs what it is. It affects your overall System performance very deeply. This error might come in your PCs when you have installed illegal or pirated programs in your computer. This message throws on your computer by Windows 10 System due to many genuine reasons. It appears on your computer in blue screen that is also called BOSD error. Reasons of Error 0x0000007F or UNEXPECTED KERNEL MODE TRAP: If the recent Read more

How to remove Windows 10 Update Error 0x80240034 (Fix 0x80240034)

Fix Windows 10 Update Error 0x80240034 (Complete Solution) This article will give you complete information about Windows 10 Update Error 0x80240034 as well as you will get some recommended solution to delete it from System. According to Cyber security experts, this update error has already fixed by Microsoft, but many users have reported about its unusual behaviors. They are suffering a lot while they have getting this Windows error messages on their PCs. Don’t be panics, please read this article carefully. If you are unable to update your Windows PCs and getting Error 0x80240034 messages i.e., too much irritating, then you should go for better solution that is capable to fix this error. Error 0x80240034 may display on your computer if some genuine software of Windows OS or some hardware has been failure. It might possible that you have installed pirated software in your Windows PCs. In that case, you Read more

SamSam Ransomware Collected 6$ Million as Ransom

According to the recent report from Sophos, SamSam Ransomware has collected around $6 million as extortion from only 233 of its victims since December, 015. On an average, the associated cyber-criminals are gaining $300000 per month. Interestingly, most of its victims are governmental agencies and institutions. SamSam data encrypting malware is active from a very long time. Like any other cyrptovirus, it encrypts the targeted files primarily through spam messages and then demands the victims to pay ransom to get the decryption key. The victims are asked to pay the money in virtual currency such as Bitcoin and sent it to a particular crypto wallet. Interestingly, it demands a very high amount for the decryption key. The biggest payment till now has been $64000 for a single SamSam Ransomware attack. The associated cyber-criminals are focusing to attack big organizations such as governmental institution, hospitals, and authorities and so on. This Read more

Warning! Check! Gmail messages are offer by third parties

It has been reported recently that third party software developers can easily access your System/devices through Gmail accounts. These emails are viewed by us usually when we are indulging in online activity. For the developers, as it taken our emails, make them easy to gain information about the activities. In actual sense, they questioned on personal security. This issue is mentioned recently in a news article “The wall of street”. This is so serious topic Cyber criminals can take advantages of the users. They can easily collect the personal information and may often can done transaction activities. It may also happen that the individual information is handover to cyber criminal. Google has confirmed that sometimes email messages can be read or feed by third parties: Gmail is genuine web service that has crossed millions or more users over the world who are using this service for personal use, organizational purpose Read more

WannaCry/WannaSpam collects ransom via malicious email spam messages

This news is all about WannaCry and its malicious infections which has been affected more than hundreds computer via malicious email spam messages. Cyber security experts have detected this nasty malware attack and they have given some recommended solution as per System requirements. According to them, WannaCry Ransomware is very devastating malware and computer infection that get enters into victims’ PCs via malicious email spam messages and its attachments. WannaCry scam is creation of malware programmer who wants to earn some illegal income and cheat with innocent users. It is looks-like genuine program and claims to decrypt victims’ System and their files immediately, once the required ransom will be paid to them.  They send an email messages to victims and do promises to decrypt their files quickly. Many people have reported about its malicious activities in their computer to security experts. Theses fake emails are not an easy task to Read more

Financial organization from Europe is targeted by Olympic Destroyer

This news is all about Olympic Destroyer or new phishing attack that is almost similar to the incident which had come during the opening ceremony of Winter Olympics 2018. It has identified by security researchers and they have given some recommended solution as per System requirements. According to them, this new Olympic Destroyer is made using very powerful algorithm by attackers that have the capacity to infect users’ PCs deeply. This malicious program is now infecting the computers of almost all country of Europe such as France, Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine and Germany. It targets their computer and infects it brutally. Olympic Destroyer is spreading in innocent users’ computer via email messages and their attachments. When the users are click/download such attachments on his/her computer, then it might possible to get malicious infection in computer. This malicious program installs in their computer without permission and working in the background of computer Read more

Scammers can now read facebook feed and email messages via Microsoft Edge bug

Cyber security experts have detected Microsoft Edge bug recently and they have given some recommended solution as per System requirements. According to them, Jake Archibald has discovered this bug accidently that is very serious problem for all web users. It allows the hacker to control on some web service like email service, facebook and other. It is able to read email messages and facebook feed of your users without their permission. Attackers are always tried to infect Microsoft Edge browser of users’ PCs and displays bogus warning messages on their browser. Microsoft Edge Bug allows the hacker to attack some other popular legitimate web browser as well. The most dangerous thing about this web attacks’ program is that it modifies the specific website to exploits CVE-2018-8235 Bug by Microsoft Edge. It forcedly redirects the browser on malicious website domain without permission. Harmful impacts of Microsoft Edge bug: It allows the Read more

Betabot malware is back and spreads via malicious Office documents

The recent attack is found in most of the users’ computer i.e., Betabot malware that is able to steal some crucial & confidential information of innocent users. It has identified by Cyber security researchers since 2013 as Botnet and banking Trojan which does malicious infection as well as steal sensitive data of users. This misleading programs is mostly get enters via office documents such as excel, access, Word and pdf. It is designed by Cyber criminals in such a way that it exploits CVE-2017-11882 Vulnerability. According to security experts, it was discovered in 2017. But, this malicious infection is come back from various methods of bundling. It attacks mostly Microsoft office documents to get enters into users PCs. It installs similar malware in their PCs and leads major damages. It is hard to detect/delete this cunning malware by most of the antivirus programs. It blocks all security updates and installing Read more

Scammers target users via WhatsApp messages is genuine web service that helps the users buy a ticket online or book the hotel. It is one of the best reservation companies for each user who want to make trip to any places. Some messaging app or mobile app is doing scam with innocent user. They send some messages like Boucher, discount offers and so on. Have you ever seen the messages like “Hello, Argos is giving away € 500 free Voucher to celebrate 31st anniversary, go here to get it: ‘’” on your whatsapp messages? This message has spreads in Ireland and Britain user’s mobile by cyber criminals who take control on their devices as well. The similar types of scam have been detected in case of where most of the users have claim that their personal information might by at high risk while booking ticket on According to or companies, they take Read more