Beware of Security Alert scam to secure your personal details

Security Alert scam: victims get call from scammers to enter personal details

You might have victim of Security Alert message that surfaces on the Windows screen that states that the PC has been infected. Then, it asks to call on its recommended number for the support. This is nothing but a scam which is spread for the monitory purpose. Read the article to know more about Windows Security Alert and how to deal with it if you get victim of it somehow.

What is Security Alert?

Security Alert is not much than a technical support scam. It contains scam message that puts on shock to the users that their PC has in some serious issues. The screen shows the logo and name of AVG Anti-virus. However it doesn’t associate with it. The victims get call by scammers who supposedly claim to be from team of Microsoft technicians. These scammers let the victims to believe that they are there to support them.

Security Alert: more about it

Windows Security Alert Certificate error appears on the browser screen. The main reason for its appearance on t he screen is some third party installation and freeware packages. Surfing the net and reaching to some suspicious websites, clicking on any intrusive advertisements or the several redirects via suspicious links could cause the infiltration of Security Alert scam message on the screen. Freeware and shareware programs download could result the same.

Security Alert is hosted on some website which pushes this scam. The logo and the name on the screen AVG Anti-virus shows that it is something legitimate. However, AVG Anti-virus is not associated with it. The scam is supported by various phishing pages to make believe the users that their PC is being infected. Different phones numbers are used from each page for the scam. On the call, the scammers supposedly claim themselves from team of Microsoft technicians and are there for support them. Here is the full text message shown by the scammers:

License Key Revoked
Windows Blocked due to unauthorised access from an illegal IP Address
Critical Update Required, Antivirus Not responding
Error Code 1. 0x0803f7001
Provide your Installation ID CLICK HERE to get your Installation ID
Enter your 25 Digits products key below
Connect To Support
AVG 1-844-313-6006

Clearly, Security Alert meaning just the same as threatening you for some viruses inside your PC. On the call, the scammers ask the victims to provide personal details and often recommend them purchasing their malicious software. Microsoft is not involved in the scam in anyway. Using their name is nothing much than gaining the trust of the novice victims. You should know Microsoft is never going to call you and ask you enter the personal details. Clearly, Windows Security Alert is just a scam and should not be believed.