Beware! Hackers steal users’ financial data by scamming Game of Throne streaming free

The Popular TV series, Game of Thrones came to an end. Fans from different countries rushed to watch the finale the epic fantasy saga. The serial however telecast on HBO TV network, however, its premium cost $15 a month which is too high for many and many users did not want to pay the for the premium service and the last option that they had and what they choose to download/stream the series online.

Despite of the high price, the views of the 8th season broke earlier records, triggering a surge of posts on social media that encouraged the people who did not want to pay to join the ranks. Multiple scam sites started claiming to provide the full Game of Thrones episode for free, reported by Kaspersky security researchers:

 “As soon as season 8 premiered, hordes of people began looking for it online. No legitimate options existed — if you want to view the program legitimately, it’ll cost you legitimate money. But scammers seem to offer an attractive alternative. The key word there is seem.”

This leads users’ financial information disclosed to Cyber crooks and since it is just a fraud, the users were not provided the promised GOT episodes even.

Users are asked to enter their personal data by the scam

It is easy for finding on the Internet what you are searching for. But, the guarantee for how secure the content is never would be there. One of suspicious sites claiming for Game of Thrones stream online for free, as analyzed by the Kaspersky security team, is WInterfell.

Here, the scene is being describing for you to know what had happen when the users click on the play button:

Once users press on the play button, the episode starts but unfortunately stops after couple of seconds. Users are then asked for registration. Since, the episode is of no cost, they proceed for the registration soon as they are very excited to watch the episode. On the registry page, users are asked to enter the email and a password for signing up to allegedly a new account. After entering the details and clicking on the continue button, and now they are further requested  to enter their financial credentials such as credit card information, including CVC code in order to validate the account.

“Because we are only licensed to distribute our content to certain countries, we ask that you verify your mailing address by providing us with a valid credit card number. We GUARANTEE that NO CHARGES will be applied for validating your account. <…>”

It does not take much time afterward to realize that this is nothing but a scam and the show is merely a preview for the episode.

The users who are planning for downloading or streaming the episode

Those who haven’t watched the episode and are planning for the same should be careful. You should employ reputable antivirus tool that will prevent any malicious web injects and risky ads. Typically, something that provides free content is doubtful. You should not trust any website easily. There is a good chance for yours getting scammed by such free content. Most important, you should not provide your personal credential for any unknown. There might be some potent Cyber criminals who can misuse the details to generate revenue and create huge risk of privacy and identity theft on you. Additionally, you should not provide same password for multiple sites. This makes easy for the Cyber crooks to steal data as proven in major leaks such as Collection #1.