Be alert: streaming and torrent sites Game of Throne season 8 contain viruses

The last and the final season of the remarkably popular Game of Thrones TV show, scheduled on 14 of April, get a huge record breaker for the series and HBO. Some of the people had seen it already. However, there are most of people who missed the episode.  Thus, they are likely to visit third party streaming and torrent sites for the show and have no choice other than that.

Risky Torrent and Streaming sites

 Torrenting and Streaming sites are associated with malicious malware. In spite of it is known by everybody, the users get tricked just to watch their favorite show the Game of Throne.

The security experts are warning their users about the dangers associated with the streaming and torrent websites. As an instance, a security expert at AT&T CyberSecurity with a talk to the Independent, Javvad Malik had said, ““these risks from illegally streaming or downloading Game of Thrones are the same as downloading any other illegal file – it could contain anything malicious.”

The expert continued and said, “So, while it may appear to be the latest Game of Thrones episode, it could actually be a host of a nasty virus or malware that plants malicious files on your device in the background. These could later be used by hackers to steal personal information and banking details if they go undetected by AV or anti-malware software.”

Another expert, Jake More from ESET says,

The potential for malware is staggering, and people who are inclined to torrent irresistible content will have to make sure they are sufficiently protected. If not, they risk becoming victims of cyber criminals who could mine personal data, such as credit card details, addresses, and shopping habits – all of which could then be sold on the dark web.”

It is surprising to say that the first and the last episode of a season of a TV are the most targets of the Crooks as these are the most hype episodes. Further, users are, for watching their favorite episodes, ready to take the risk by searching the pirated version. The mentioned experts’ advice are merely an advice to the users that these streaming and torrent sites are malicious carrying with some malware which causes various PC issues as well as risk associated with privacy as well.