Avast report; half of the users use outdated apps

Internet beloved are many and is now a part of our daily use, not wrong if it mentions that it becomes common activities for most of us. People indulgence on this platform for different purposes. It has many features- its keeps update to worldwide on a single platform, gives world a place to communicate and to share thought, to earn commodities, to trade businesses, to sell the waste items, and many crucial things. Thus, one may keep interest in knowing “which browser the people used most in 2018” and which “OS among all won the heart of many users” previous year. PC Trends Report 2019 by Avast reports talks about these two and also provides an interesting fact that more than half of all the applications that users use at present are not updated.

Google Chrome at the top with 91%

Google Chrome places at the top in the list of most commonly downloaded and installed programs. It ranks high with other web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox (42%). Researchers assert here that the Google Chrome is popular among other popular browsers because it is easy to use even for a low-experienced user.

The Google Chrome (91%) overtakes in rank to the another well known program called Adobe Acrobat Reader that have only 61% total sum of 30% differences in their rating.

Tough competition between Windows 7 and the latest Windows 10

The Avast report gives Window 7 (43%) more rank to the Windows 10 (40%) the only two competitors for “most used OS in 2018”. By the data, it clear that the winner is Windows 7, however, has tough competition with the Window 10- having only 3% less rank to the Windows 7.

The reason for such a tiny difference is quite obvious, Windows 10 has many updated apps, and services which becomes outdated on the older version Windows 7.

Many users are using outdated software

The Avast report need a serious attention to the fact that many users are using, at presents more than half of all programs, outdated programs. The usage of out-dated software and applications has reached 55% in the Avast report.

The company explained:

“Not updating applications can cause bugs and incompatibility problems. More importantly, many outdated applications, including frameworks and tools, contain vulnerabilities and for security reasons should be updated immediately. For example, in May 2018 7-ZIP fixed an issue in the RAR extraction logic that could allow a DoS attack or execute harmful code embedded in RAR files.”

Adobe Shockwave, Skype and VLC Media Player are in the top in the “list of the programs or apps whose updates are mostly neglected.” Many of users ignore the update messages; however, some are from those to whom “the recommended updates messages” do not receive.  Nevertheless, no one will going to force you to keep up-to-date all the installed apps, you should still catch up with Microsoft official site- here the company might be positing all recommended updates.