Audit revealed no malicious chips in Super Micro

Recently, the American Company the Super Micro has announced that no any malicious hardware or component ever found in their products and made wrong the allegation of the Boomberd Businessweek report, which claimed a few month ago that, “Super Micro sold motherboards with Chinese spying chips embedded in them”, According to Charles Liang, the President of the Super micros organization: “As we have stated repeatedly since these allegations were reported, no government agency has ever informed us that it has found malicious hardware on our products, no customer has ever informed us that it found malicious hardware on our products; and we have never seen any evidence of malicious hardware on our products.” Boomberg Businessweek report “Super Micro sold motherboards with Chinese spying chips embedded in them”, claimed by Bloomberg Businessweek few months ago. It was believed that Super micro manufacturing process, which was performed in china, added a micros Read more

Google+ shutdown accelerated due to API bug that affected 52.5M users

Google announced that it is going to shuttering the Google+ in 2019, when it came under inspection in the month of October by this year. The industry giant revealed that a bug in the Google API or (application programming interface) exposed data of 500,000 users. Now, a new report released by Google claims that the data exposure touched around 52.5 million Google+ users. Due to this increasing number of users data exposures, the initial plans of discarding the Google+ in August 2019 changed and the platform is now shout down in the month of April 2019. Data breach did not include the sensitive data According to Wall Street Journal sources, “Because of the API bug, developers could collect the profile data of their users’ friends even if the data was explicitly marked nonpublic in Google’s privacy settings”.  The ranges of the exposed profile data included: Full names, email addresses, birth Read more

Russian IT consultancy firm is scamming ransomware victims

It seems that The IT consultancy firm- Dr. shifro from Russian belonging is scamming Dharma/Crysis ransomware victims by promising them their help while trying to decrypt the encrypted files. This firm already helped around 300 ransomware victims. Short description about Dharma/Crysis ransomware Dharma/Crysis ransomware is in the news headlines now a day. It has been spread worldwide and affects numerous users’ computer and encrypts their stored files. Developers of this threat demand ransom fee from the victims from the victims who got affected by this threat for providing them a decryption key to get their files restored. However, there is thousands of reports are available that the unknown developers do not provide the decrpyter even after the payment is done. Cybersecurity researchers’ analysis , “The business model that Dr.Shifro has created is an attractive one that could easily be replicated by other entrepreneurial scam artists and serves as a new Read more

Sky Brazil 32 Million users’ data breach due to unprotected Elasticsearch server

Sky Brazil customers’ data breach is reported recently by a famous Brazilian cybersecurity researcher, the Fabio Castro. He spotted that ElasticSerach server was left without passwords and called this was the main reason for the data leaked. About Sky Brazil Sky Brazil is a company operated by Vrio. The Vrio is a subscription television service in Brazil. It produces TV contents and has several TV channels. Sky Brazil has 57 channels in HDTV in total. It has millions of subscribers at present. Unprotected server caused sensitive data exposed The cyber expert soon reported of his findings, which made the TV station to fix the server. Researcher found that the server was opened since the mid of October. Of about 28.7 GB API data and 429.1 GB of other API were stored on the unsecured server. The details that have been leaked are: Full names, Residence addresses, Mobile phone addresses, Birth Read more

Quora data breach of 100 million customers

Recently, Quora reported a data breach that affected its 100 Million userbase. The compromised detail included users’ name, full names, email addresses, data imported from Facebook and Twitter, passwords. The unknown hackers also hacked the non-public content such as downvotes, direct messages, answer requests etc. The public material like questions and answers was affected as well by the incident. About Quora Quora is a website published by Quora Inc., is based in Mountain View, California. The company was founded in June 2009, and the websites was available for the users since June 21, 2010. This website is mainly question-and-answer websites. The community answered, edited, organized and even asked questions of users in the form of opinions. Now, it is the biggest question-and-answer platform with 300 million monthly users. Quora moves after data breach Adam D’Angelo, Co founder of the Quora noted that their team is doing their best so that Read more

Ransomware attacks on Ohio hospital caused disabled networks

It was the last day of the last weekend of the month of November, East Ohio Regional Hospital in Harper’s Ferry, Ohio, and Ohio Valley Medical Centre in Wheeling, West Virginia both were caught to be in ransomware affect. This incidence affects the whole day process in the hospital; ambulance patients were transported to other hospitals nearby and emergency room admissions were only available for walk-up patients. Quick response by employees Karin Janiszewski, director of marketing and public relations for EORH and OVMC stated on the day after the incident was happened: “There has been no patient information breach. The hospitals are switching to paper charting to ensure patient data protection. We have redundant security, so the attack was able to get through the first layer but not the second layer.” As he mentioned, hospitals quickly reacted to that incidence, that’s why, the attackers could not succeed in their plan. Full Read more

3ve ads fraud scheme revealed by cyber experts

There is debate among all the people about whether the Internet is boon or bane. The Internet plays major section in human life in every prospect of their life and hence it becomes a part of our life style. Also, no one deny that it could also be an unsafe space. All know there are some evil minded cyber criminals who tricks innocent users’ and generate their personal life related detail. One of such incident has been happened since 4 years ago, and recently it was reported thanks to Google, FBI and several cyber security companies, who taking down the world online advertisement fraud operation known as “3ve”. Short description about the 3ve and how it works Online advertisers desire premium websites whereupon they can publish their ads so that their can increase their number of visitors. And for this, 3ve created fake version of websites and also the fake Read more

Security vulnerability caused million of USPS users data leaked

A long year ago, a researcher found critical security vulnerability in the official website of United States Postal Service. He even informed about it to the USPS but never received a response. For your information, USPS is a postal agency authorized by the United States Constitution. It is located in North America. It is responsible for postal operations. Last week, KrebsOnSecurity was contacted by the researcher and got know all about this. It is a big issue for over 60 million users, whose sensitive details got exposed. Reason for the USPS vulnerability To understand the reason of USPS vulnerability, firstly know the term API. The ALP or Application Program Interface is set of tools that help an online application such as databases or Websites to interact with each other. This API is tied to a postal Service initiative called “Informed Visibility” According to USPS, Informed Visibility is designed to Read more

Symptoms of computer virus: Every PC Users Must Know

In this article we will go through the various parameters of computer virus What is virus? Computer virus is a type of hazardous software program that get loaded in your device without your consent. When affected, it duplicates itself by modifying other programs into your computer through inserting its own code.  All computer viruses are made by humans and it has tendency to affect your whole computer by replicating itself exponentially. Viruses are so malevolent to computers that even a simple one can access, all available memory thus bringing system to a halt. Some viruses are so dangerous that it can bypass all encrypted security measures and transmits through various networks. Here are some of the Symptoms of computer virus that will give you the idea that your computer may have been affected by virus Slower processing of computer Computer can act slowly due to various reasons like lower memory Read more