How to remove PGP Ransomware and rescue locked files

Proper guide to delete PGP Ransomware from system PGP Ransomware is also known as PGP virus that belongs to Dharma ransomware family and is just designed to prevent targeted users to access their own files using strong encryption algorithm. Through these ciphers, the files available on desktop are locked and users are enforced to buy a decryption tool or key from attackers. In the case of ransomware infection, this Cryptovirus use .pgp extension following encryption to mark files and drops a ransom note named FILES ENCRYPTED.txt which describe user with instruction regarding how to contact hackers and restore encrypted files. However, the experts never recommend people to contact hackers so it’s better to seek some effective methods or guidelines which can help users to sort out this critical issue. Detailed information about PGP Ransomware Speaking more about the ransom note, it basically appears on the screen whenever the victims try Read more

How to remove Professeur Ransomware & restore files

Proper guide to delete Professeur Ransomware immediately Professeur Ransomware is new deadly file encoding malware which tends to silently infiltrate the Windows PC without being noticed by the users and locks their crucial files and data stored inside the machine. This piece of malicious software belongs to Jigsaw ransomware family. This dubious malware is specifically designed to encrypt file, add their own extension and display a ransom note in pop-up window. Following successful encryption, it demands the users to pay hackers with a specified ransom fee in order to seek file decryption key or tool. After that, it retiled those data by appending the “.Professeur” extensions to the end of their filenames and makes it completely useless. Threat summary Name: Professeur Ransomware Type: Ransomware, Crypto Virus, Files locker Files extension: .Professeur Ransom demanding message: Text presented in the pop-up Description: all files are encrypted and become inaccessible. A ransom note Read more

How to remove iMacCleaner from Mac PC

Step by step process to delete iMacCleaner iMacCleaner is described as legitimate and useful application that are specifically designed by hackers to improve computer performance by cleaning browser cache, unwanted files and uninstalling unwanted software. This perilous threat uses several different methods to infiltrate into your system without having your permission. At the first appearance, this app seems legit and useful and often distributed into your computer together with other free software. Although, users download and install such apps unintentionally and therefore they are categorized as potentially unwanted application. Further, this nasty malware is created by group of hackers with an evil intention and wrong motives. More details about iMacCleaner Additionally, this app allows users to scan PC for unwanted programs, unnecessary files and some other entire items. Although, they cannot be removed without having to upgrade iMacCleaner to Pro version. The problem regarding this app is that they are Read more

How to remove RecognitionAssist adware from Mac

Delete RecognitionAssist from OS RecognitionAssist is identified as potentially unwanted application that has been designed by cyber criminals to operate both as adware and browser hijacker. It is specifically designed to promote nasty threats which can cause several new problems that will completely degrade your entire system. It is used to display third party pop-up ads on the infected system and redirect user searches on malicious websites for making illegal profit. It is an adware infection that is programmed to show annoying pop-up ads on the desktop but its harmful activities are not only limited for showing ads. This malware will stay in the background and keep performing its harmful activities that will soon start to show its effect on your computer performance and speed. What is RecognitionAssist? However, users do not download and install such app intentionally and that’s why they are categorized as potentially unwanted applications. It is Read more

How to remove SIGARETA Ransomware (Restore Infected Data)

Delete SIGARETA Ransomware from infected PC SIGARETA Ransomware is dangerous computer infection that belongs to NEFILIM ransomware family. This ransomware type infection discovery was credited to GrujaRS. The main intention behind the creation of this malware is to encrypt all your personal data and demand a ransom for its decryption. Upon files being encrypted, it renames all files by appending “.SIGARETA” extensions to the end of their filenames and makes them totally unusable. After that, instructions on how to contact cyber criminals can be found in “SIGARETA-RESTORE.txt” text file or ransom note. Due to this, users are unable to access even single files to their previous states. What is SIGARETA Ransomware? As usual, the ransom note contain brief message which states users that victims files are encrypted with military grade algorithms and can only be unlocked with private key that can only be purchased from ransomware developers. In order to Read more

How to remove Bomba Ransomware and rescue locked files

Know how to delete Bomba Ransomware Bomba Ransomware is a new computer infection which is meant to encrypt all stored files on computer and intrudes mostly without requiring any permission. Once it manage to intrude, it hijacks all files using strong and powerful encryption ciphers and demand the victims to pay off ransom fee to seek their files recovered. This virus is able to infect all types of system as well as personal files like images, audios, videos, databases, documents and other files found on your computer screen. After intrusion, it will add “.bomba” extension to the end of filenames and makes it totally unusable and inaccessible. Details about Bomba Ransomware After successful encrypting all your files, a ransom note “HOW TO RECOVER ENCRYPTED FILES.TXT” is dropped into every compromised folders. Furthermore, it will also disable your Windows Task Manager. The created ransom note provides a message that the only Read more

How to remove MajorPanelSearch adware for Mac OS

Proper guide to delete MajorPanelSearch MajorPanelSearch is described as advertisement based program that is mainly used to serve third party pop-up ads on the infected device and redirect users searches on malicious websites for making illegal profit. This dubious threat can easily invade into your computer without having your permission. This malicious app have both adware and browser hijacker function. It is mainly designed to promote some fake search engines by modifying browsers settings. In most cases, users do not download and install such apps intentionally and that’s why they are categorized as potentially unwanted applications. Despite this, it may be used to collect data related to users browsing habits. What is MajorPanelSearch? In most cases, adware type application like MajorPanelSearch is mainly designed to display ads and pop-ups on your desktop in form of surveys, banners, pop-ups, coupons and other similar advertisements. In order to click on such displayed Read more

How to remove from infected PC

Proper guide to delete is described as rogue websites that is used for various scams. This site claims users to complete a short survey in order to win a prize. These types of schemes are mainly designed by cyber criminals which is used for phishing purposes. However, many few users visit such sites intentionally as most of them get redirected to it by intrusive advertisements or by potentially unwanted applications that are already present into their system. Further, this type of apps also do not require user’s permission to enter into your computer. After successful installation, they cause redirects, display intrusive ads campaigns, hijack browsers and track browsing related data. More about The scam promoted by fake websites claims that users have been randomly selected to participate in a survey. The winners are selected on their geo-locations that is ten users from a certain region. The survey Read more

How to remove Dupzom Trojan from computer

Proper guide to delete Dupzom Trojan immediately Dupzom Trojan is very harmful Trojan virus that can infect your computer very roughly when it invades into your PC. Simply said, it is the name of Trojan virus which is mainly designed to operate as malware downloader. It is specifically created and developed to cause chain infections by downloading and executing malicious files that could infect your system with additional malware. Further, this virus causes installation of some ransomware, cryptocurrency miner, remote access Trojan and/or high risk malware. After intrusion, this virus will deactivate your firewall and security programs and make your computer vulnerable for other threats and viruses. In case, if your system is infected with this malware, then you should remove it immediately. Moreover, it is common that virus like Dupzom Trojan is used as tools that is used to distribute ransomware. Users cannot access their files because this type Read more

Remove VIVELAG Ransomware (+ Decrypt files)

Simple methods to delete VIVELAG Ransomware from computer VIVELAG Ransomware was first discovered by dnwls0719 and it is a new variant of ransomware type viruses called Sapphire. This perilous threat is created and distributed by group of cyber criminals with an aim to extort huge ransom money by manipulating innocent users. After infiltration, this dubious ransomware encrypts stored data and appends with the “.VIVELAG” extensions to the end of filenames and makes it totally useless. Further, this malicious program is also known as VIVELAG virus. After finishing encryption process, it changes the desktop wallpaper and a pop-up window is displayed in ransom note in French language. Thus, this ransomware is decryptable, the decryption key is “052250058205075025075207820” (without the quotation marks). More details about VIVELAG Ransomware According to rough translation, the created pop-up window states victims that all their files have been encrypted by using powerful encryption algorithm. In order to Read more