Audit revealed no malicious chips in Super Micro

Recently, the American Company the Super Micro has announced that no any malicious hardware or component ever found in their products and made wrong the allegation of the Boomberd Businessweek report, which claimed a few month ago that, “Super Micro sold motherboards with Chinese spying chips embedded in them”,

According to Charles Liang, the President of the Super micros organization:

“As we have stated repeatedly since these allegations were reported, no government agency has ever informed us that it has found malicious hardware on our products, no customer has ever informed us that it found malicious hardware on our products; and we have never seen any evidence of malicious hardware on our products.”

Boomberg Businessweek report

“Super Micro sold motherboards with Chinese spying chips embedded in them”, claimed by Bloomberg Businessweek few months ago. It was believed that Super micro manufacturing process, which was performed in china, added a micros chip into their products. According to sources it could be done to spy on Amazon and Apple users that used Super Micro. This news headlines impact the most on the stock value of the company that dropped to 50%.  Numerous customers have stopped purchasing Super Macro’s product.

Super Micros undergo excessive testing before reaching to customers

Super Micro stated that various inspections are performed to during manufacturing process of their products in order to ensure that all the products are produced with the best quality. It claimed that their motherboard have protected with special safeguard, so there is no any possibility of any bugs included there. The Super Micro Company gives the reply to the Boomberg Businesweek report as:

“As we shared with Bloomberg Businessweek multiple times over the last couple months, at no time, past or present, have we ever found any issues relating to modified hardware or malicious chips in Supermicro motherboards in any Elemental or Amazon systems. “