APIs Bug allows the developer to access Facebook Users’ Private Photos

According to report, Facebook has disclosed another APIs bug on Friday which has exposed data of about 6.8 million users. The leaked data allows the app developers to access users’ private photos with their permission. Facebook said about this APIs bug that the error impacted the hundreds of apps in which users have created accounts and sign in using their Facebook login information. Hence, we can say that due to software bug, hundreds of software developer is able to access to broader range of Facebook photos than are usually allowed. Let’s take have a look at leaked story in detail.

APIs bug allows the developers to access private photos of users

For those who are not aware, if someone gives the permission to any app to access their photos on Facebook, then they usually give the application access to photos people share on their timeline. Facebook shared a blogpost and states that “In case, APIs bug potentially gave app developers to access other photos including those who shared on Marketplace or Facebook stories.”

Report says, Facebook has had faced so many difficulties related to users privacy this year including scandal surrounding Cambridge Analytica which exposed the Company’s weak privacy & policies from a year back. In other word, Facebook has had back to back privacy mishaps in past 6 months which impacts the users’ privacy deeply. Let’s take have a look at statements of Director of Platform Partnerships of Facebook, Konstantios Papamiltiadis.

“For the most part, these are services for streaming and page management, with the help of which administrators can effectively manage communities and group members share video. Despite the convenience of such features for users and Facebook communities, we decided to disable access”

Facebook has been in hot water back to back this year over data leaks & exposure, mostly in case of scandal surrounding Cambridge Analytica. On other hand, there is no any proof that problems has caused by hackers or not. We are researching on the matter deeply and we will defiantly post an update if it will come in future. For any suggestions or quires, please write on comment box give below.