3ve ads fraud scheme revealed by cyber experts

There is debate among all the people about whether the Internet is boon or bane. The Internet plays major section in human life in every prospect of their life and hence it becomes a part of our life style. Also, no one deny that it could also be an unsafe space. All know there are some evil minded cyber criminals who tricks innocent users’ and generate their personal life related detail.

One of such incident has been happened since 4 years ago, and recently it was reported thanks to Google, FBI and several cyber security companies, who taking down the world online advertisement fraud operation known as “3ve”.

Short description about the 3ve and how it works

Online advertisers desire premium websites whereupon they can publish their ads so that their can increase their number of visitors. And for this, 3ve created fake version of websites and also the fake visitors so as to conduct the advertising revenue to cybercriminals. And very soon, the 3ve obtained control over 1.7 million users’ IP addresses and infect their PC with Boaxxe/Miuref and Kovter malware, as well as Border Gateway Protocol-hijacked IP address, which is used for proxies.

Boaxxe is able to run fake ad networks, overload false web pages with thousands of intrusive advertising posts. The second component, the Kovter is used to load fake and criminals sponsored websites from around 700, 000 infected computer systems. This one is also used with the purpose to gain profits from advertising posts displayed.

Cyber experts reveal the men behind 3ve ads scam

According to cyber security reports, the men responsible for this hack were Aleksandr Zhukov, Boris Timokhin, Mikhail Andreev, Denis Avdeev, Dmitry Novikov, Sergey Ovsyannikov, Aleksandr Isaev, and Yevgeniy Timchenko. It is clear from their name, which these criminals are from Russian- speaking countries such as Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine. Three among them have been arrested, yet their extradition is still pending.

Google Reports

“What followed was a collaborative and coordinated effort by both law enforcement and various companies across industries, including ad tech, cyber security, and Internet service providers, to disable the infrastructure and sinkhole botnet command and control servers. The result so far has rendered the operation’s botnets unable to continue to drive fraudulent ad traffic”.

They all took action against those criminals so as to prevent such a fraud from spreading further. They shut down around 30 and more domains and fulfilled search warrants on particular United States server provider. FBI took the strict actions, executed a warrants for bank accounts which were connected to this serious scam.