Phishing Bitcoin scam tricks users into downloading ransomware virus

A new scam tricks users into downloading ransomware by allegedly promoting malicious program as a Bitcoin Collector According to an pseudonym Cyber Security researcher, Frost, a bunch of websites have been detected that scam users by promising that they have chance of earning up to 30 USD Bitcoin per day by promoting a program named BItcoin collector. By its installation, users end up into getting ransomware and Trojan virus inside their system. Users might install this program by getting attracted towards the huge earning amount by which they can generate 30 Bitcoin (1 Bitcoin is 8,730 USD) per day. This scam also incorporates the referral program that allows the users to earn 3 (750 USD) Ethereum with referring thousand visits. This is not the crux of the scam rather an offer on website for daily earnings of Bitcoins. Once clicked, victims are redirected to another website controlled by Bitcoin Collector’s Read more

Remove Zoh Ransomware: Easy Removal Steps

Efficiently Working Methods To Remove Zoh Ransomware The vicious term called Zoh Ransomware is completely a new ransomware strain coming from Dharma ransomware family. Alike all its prior variants, yz also use to set .zoh file extension to all encrypted files and force victims to pay a ransom amount to hackers to get their files working once again. The ransomware technically uses AES and RSA cryptography to lock down the files, thus opening them is expected to throw ransom note on screen. So, it’s really a hectic situation to face off after having Zoh Ransomware like vicious objects installed on computer. If you are one among a large number of victims and seeking some recommended measures to deal with causes issues, then we highly suggest you reading this article. Summarized details of Zoh Ransomware Name: Zoh Ransomware Type: Ransomware, Cryptovirus Description: A ransomware virus is powered to encrypt all stored Read more

How To Remove From Browsers

Step By Step Procedures To Detect & Remove Security researchers have identified another new dubious website created by criminals in order to use deceptive techniques and trick users to subscribe its push notification service. If a user some how end up to visit this page, it depicts a message on screen which force users to click on ‘Allow’ button in order to access the page. After the ‘Allow’ button is clicked on to view its content, the site actually gets the permission to start sending tons of notification spam on screen. A user will start to face various pop up advertisements or commercial banners on screen no matters what browser they choose to surf the web. In technical terms, this push notification service is developed to allow website owners to keep updating their visitors with latest additions, only if the user chooses to receive such updates. By allowing Read more

Complete guide to remove Chrome Cleaner adware extension from the browser

Know all about Chrome Cleaner adware Chrome Cleaner is an unwanted extension designed for Google Chrome web browser. This program delivers advertisements from malicious networks and redirects to suspicious websites. It injects several unwanted pages with commercial contents and modifies the settings without users’ permission. It often intrudes without the users’ permission or knowledge and its behavior appears out of control. It has tracking technologies to gather non-personal information and thus it is not a good idea to have an unwanted plug-in keep installed on your computer. Remove Chrome Cleaner adware from the system as soon as possible. More about Chrome Cleaner adware Chrome Cleaner adware extension delivers advertisements all the time when you surf the Internet, and  you are asked to click Add to Chrome Button, once done, it becomes able to activate the extensions and its functions of tracking the time you’re online. According to developers, this feature Read more

Know how to delete Step by step instructions

Complete information about is a malicious website. It tricks a way to end up users into allowing to its push notifications directly on their desktop even when the browser is closed by showing frequent pop-up “Will you allow to send notifications?” with “Allow Notifications” and “Not now” options. However, the browser notification feature is a genuine feature that many a site uses with it. The main difference between the Pop-ups generating from these two site is that the dubious site shows multiple pop-ups. It continuously asks to click the allow button to access the content of the website until you do that. Cyber criminals abuse the feature just to avoid antivirus software and ad blocking programs inside the system. Thereby, they can deliver their ads and pop-ups on the right corner of the Window screen and urge the victims to play online games, visit questionable web sites, Read more

Remove Beets Ransomware from PCs (Remove Dharma Variants)

Get rid of Beets Ransomware (Step By Step Process) Have you ever noticed Beets Ransomware on your computer? This nasty malware is unsafe for your online privacy & System security. According to Cyber security experts, it is very notorious malware and computer infection that is belongs to ransomware family. It encrypts/locks all files of your System hard drives by appending .Beets File Extension and drops ransom note as “RETURN FILES.txt” on your computer screen. It does bogus promises to decrypt your all files immediately, once you pay ransom money to them. For more details, you can read this article carefully. I am sure this article will help you to remove this file virus from System. What is Beets Ransomware? It is also known as .Beets Files Virus that is new variant of Dharma Ransomware. According to experts, this cunning malware get enters into your machine from malicious email spam messages Read more

Easy steps to delete Rezuc ransomware from the system

Rezuc ransomware: complete uninstall guide Rezuc ransomware is a cryptovirus that asks ransom fee for providing an alleged decryption tool. This is a dangerous Djvu ransomware family new variant. Djvu is known for releasing version after version and so the decryption is questionable. Thus, as a consequence, victims will be left their files encrypted and even if the payment is done. A good news come out in the middle that the Cyber security researcher, Michael Gillespie who keeps updating the STOP virus decryptor which can be used for this ransomware. Hence, you can retrieve your files back to your device without going negotiate to the Cybercriminals. However, you need to clean your system as it is very much necessary if you do not want any huge risk of privacy and system security issues. Rezuc ransomware has capability to bypass security measures, ruins system files, applications, software and etc, corrupts exe Read more

How to remove NordFox Ransomware and recover the encrypted files

Complete information how to delete NordFox Ransomware NordFox Ransomware is a file encrypting virus. Recently, its third version has been launched. This time, it seems that the hackers are not easily release the users without getting payment. If your system gets infected with this ransomware, it is surely a dangerous issue. Go through the best guidelines provided in the article to get rid of the virus and recover the files. NordFox Ransomware is another ransomware family threat that encrypts personal files stored on the targeted system making them inaccessible. The sole motive behind designing this threat is to pressurize the victims into paying ransom fee as a ransom fee to supposedly get their files back to their device. This cunning virus is ungraded with latest encryption algorithm. Main targeting files are videos, audios, movies, songs, images, documents, PDF, text, html and many others. Ransom note displayed by NordFox Ransomware Encrypted Read more

Remove GardeningEnthusiast Toolbar (Remove Browser Hijacker)

Easy methods to uninstall GardeningEnthusiast Toolbar This article will help you to remove GardeningEnthusiast Toolbar from System completely & safely. According to Cyber security experts, it is very notorious malware and computer infection that is belongs to browser hijacker family. It adds its own extension to your browser and starts spreading misleading contents on your browser. You can’t visit the website that you want due to its redirect behaviors. Its aim is to collect your all crucial & confidential information and share it to hacker or illegal ones that cause serious troubles. Don’t be panics, please read this article carefully. What is GardeningEnthusiast Toolbar? It is potentially unwanted program (PUP) related to PlayZone Home redirect,, and that is come under Cyber threats. According to experts, this nasty malware get enters into your computer accidently from various methods of bundling & social engineering and leads major damages in Read more

How to remove from IE, Firefox and Chrome browser

Get rid of (Step By Step Process) This article will give you complete information about as well as you will get some recommended solution to delete it from System. You can read this article for learning or educational purpose also. According to Cyber security experts, it is very harmful malware and computer infection that is belongs to redirect virus category. It forcedly redirects your search on hacked or third parties’ websites that shows fake results and lots of ads or popup on your browser. You can’t visit the website that you want due to its nasty behaviors. Don’t be panics, please read this article carefully. What is It is potentially unwanted program (PUP) similar to,, and that is come under Cyber threats. According to experts, this nasty malware get enters into your machine from various methods of bundling & social engineering and leads Read more