Sarahah App Steals Users Contact (Compromises Privacy)

Sarahah App has gained a lot of popularity right after it was launched on Google Play and iOS. It allows user to comment or message to other users without disclosing their identity. Many of the users find it very interesting apps because according to them, they get honest review and feedback from other users who could be their friend, relatives or anonymously anybody. Because of this honest sharing opinion feature, it is also popular as “Honest App”. However, it claims its 18 million users to be honest with their comments and opinion however it developers are not truly honest to the users. Recently, all the users’ data were collected and stored in the Company’s serer for a while. This was a hidden activity and users were informed about this activity neither through the privacy-policy nor from the official app store page. The author of Sarahah App namely Zain-al-Abidin Tawfiq later Read more

Fake Charity Scam Websites have Plague Internet after Hurricane Harvey

The US residents are facing a lot of troubles due to Hurricane Harvey. It seems like the problem is not going to stop as cyber felons wants to take advantage and cheat the people who want to help the hurricane victims financially. Actually, they have developed so many scam websites who manipulate the users to send financial help to the victim of hurricane Harley. The money collected on these websites goes in the bank account of cyber-criminals. The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team released an official warning to Internet users to be aware of possible Online scam campaigns. Additionally, the users are encouraged to be alert regarding scam emails. In past, many such cases have happened where cyber racketeers showed their nasty potential to cheat the innocent users through online scams and bogus fund raising apps. Most of such websites helping in such scams also charges for donation processing Read more

[Update] Remove Using Effective Removal Process

Ways To Eliminate Are you encountering when visit any of website? Are you receiving unstoppable error or pop-up message? Is your web browsing performance has slowly degrade down? Is so, it is sure that your web browser is infected with browser hijacker. It has slowly infiltrated in your PC to cause annoyances. You easily ought from redirection issue, by following effective solution. Threat Summary Threat Name: Threat Type: Browser Hijacker or Redirect Virus, Adware, PUP Description: Able to hijack your main browser and redirect your search on unknown website that shows misleading ads or popup on your browser Distribution Methods: Bundles of free software packages, malicious ads or popup, suspicious or in-text links and many other tricks Motives of Crooks: Aims to steal your crucial & confidential information and share it to illegal ones. They also want to steal your money from your wallet or e-wallet. What Read more

Remove Search In Tabs 0.9.0 Using Effective Method

Top Process To Uninstall Search In Tabs 0.9.0 Search In Tabs 0.9.0 always keep appearing. It ask to install its extension for safe and fast browsing. If yes, then this sign shows that web browser is infected with adware virus. You are asked to look for quick solution to remove Search In Tabs 0.9.0 instantly from PC. Here in this article it is mentioned completely that how to fix Search In Tabs 0.9.0 issue. Search In Tabs 0.9.0 Information Threat Name: Search In Tabs 0.9.0 Category: Adware Virus Level of Damage: Mild Search In Tabs 0.9.0 is another pesky computer virus which is categorized as adware program or potentially unwanted program. This perilous computer infection is created by remote criminals to make illegal profit. This nasty threat is developed in such manner that assault all web programs such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and other installed web Read more

Remove | Tips To Uninstall

If your search results automatically return to, and get unstoppable error or pop-up , it is confirm that web programs is contaminate with browser hijacker or redirect virus. It cause annoyances and totally affects the web programs. Thus, suggested to follow instruction and remove as soon as possible. Information Name of Threat: Type: Browser Hijacker or Redirect Virus or Suspicious Domain File Run: EXE Browser Affected: Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and other installed web programs Description: It is malign program which used to affect the web programs in bas manner recognized as spiteful redirect virus that appears as normal search helper on your default start page. In reality, it is program which causes annoyances on target web programs. It actually intends to redirect search results to unsolicited and malicious websites. This program totally assaults the web browsing function. assaults all web browser function Read more

Remove | Steps To Delete

Is your web search automatically get redirected to Are you getting unstoppable error or pop-up message? Is your web results automatically get stuck in middle process? If yes, then it is confirmed that your web programs is contaminated with threat like adware or virus. You need to look for better solution to remove instantly from web browser. About is regarded as malicious domain which categorized as browser hijacker virus. It regarded as helpful and useful search engine, which provide instant and quick search. If you pay attention, it is detected as one of harmful virus which cause annoyances. After assembly, it used to affect all the well-known web programs like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and other installed web programs. real purpose is to replace the home page, new tab, error page, and other relatively settings related to web browsing. It only cause annoyances Read more

Best Tips To Remove bLeengo

How To Get Rid Of bLeengo bLeengo is a browser extension that reportedly seems indirectly connected to virus. Experts suggest this application has high end potential to ruin browsing activities on regular and even compromise with your online privacy for illegal purposes. Technically, this unwanted program or application is categorized under adware. Since this extension is found link with various strange traits and functions, it’s expected to consider this program as a virus. However, the only intend of this advert extension on infected computer is to deliver highly visible advertisements with sole intention to make online profits for its real owners or developers. There are probably a large number of online traits available for spreading malware source codes globally, however the main method that is used to deploy bLeengo is through merged free downloads. Means to say, if a user downloads such a program which is merged with hidden source Read more

Remove VideoBelle Ransomware: Effective Methods

Complete Solutions to Clean VideoBelle Ransomware Cyber security experts have discovered a new ransomware derived from HiddenTear ransomware which is found attacking computers with French language as default. This crypto virus is one of the latest malware in its category and uses AES encryption algorithm to lock your most of the files including audio, video, images, documents, and many more. After the encryption, this program appends the file name by adding a new suffix .locked to all encrypted data. In the same time, the malware even introduces a ransom note on targeted computer that have data recovery instructions for victimized users, the file is named as Message_Important.txt which actually states the system is now infected by VideoBelle Ransomware and all encrypted data would be inaccessible unless the user decrypt them with a unique key. In the same message a url or an email address is also provided where the payment Read more

Technical Tips To Eradicate

Easy Steps To Delete Are you able to notice on your web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Ie, and so on? Have you noticed unintentional modifications but unable to revert those accordingly to your preferences? If yes, then it might be possible you have an active adware or potentially unwanted program inside computer. You should try finding and removing all such pesky programs to fix the issues caused by, this article will help you learning such easy and effective methods following which the malware intrusions like can easily be avoid. More About is identified as an ad supporting platform thus categorized under adware family. However, in order to do the adverts or promotions, it even hijacks the browser settings without user’s consent, this property makes it considered like a deceptive browser hijacker too. So, is nothing much like a deceptive set Read more

Remove Trojan Dz Ransomware: Easy Removal Tips

Need Instant Help To Delete Trojan Dz Ransomware Trojan Dz Ransomware is one such a notorious or scary file encryption trojan that once manage to assail inside your PC, will create havoc which you never expected for. This program is actually a vicious ransomware created by group of cyber criminals, and at what extent a ransomware may damage your data, you can easily estimate it. Means to say a ransomware infection basically known for its powerful nature to infect computers without any consent to users and compromise with all personal user’s data for its developer’s profit. It generally developed with only aim to extort money from victimized users through encrypting data or files saved on PC partitions and blackmailing the users to buy the decrypt tool or key otherwise their data will be permanently deleted. So, paying the ransom is the only solution which usually appears in scenario when PC Read more