FBI Spam email asking $112 for iCloud Account Verification

Cyber-criminals were aggressively using the name of FBI in the past for spreading spam and cyber-frauds. In the last year or so, there were several noticed reports of FBI virus which were mostly in the form of ransomware. This time, the aim of cyber-criminals is to attack Apple users. In recent activity, the victims are receiving an spam email from FBI which threats user that unauthorized activities has been executed from their Apple iCloud account and further it ask to pay $112 to a Bitcoin wallet for verifying their account. The received email looks exactly a clone of legitimate emails sent by FBI. It is always cynical and critical to receive such emails because it is obvious that FBI will not be interested in your iCloud account issue and ask for paying Bitcoin. If you receive such message or email then the first thing that you should check is grammar Read more

Remove ‘Error # 3658ad79cc3021a’ Pop-Up easily

At first look, ‘Error # 3658ad79cc3021a’ Pop-Up make you feel that is genuine error message displays from support.microsoft.com. But it has no related with truth, it is only a potentially unwanted program (PUP) or Adware that makes it place on marked computer by taking benefits of security loopholes and network vulnerabilities. Once this threat gets installed on your computer, it shows fake warning messages and alerts that interrupts your online session and restricts to perform several tasks both online and offline. ‘Error # 3658ad79cc3021a’ Pop-Up virus is capable of making changes to desktop background, adds shortcuts and creates several duplicate files or folders. It also messes up with important system files and damages registry entries that are important for smooth and proper PC functioning. The main aim of this malware is to earn profit by convincing you to call tech support number 1-844-324-2398 that will suggest you to purchase for Read more

Method to remove Izogreb.ru [Solved Process]

Safe tips to eliminate Izogreb.ru I don’t have any idea how Izogreb.ru infected my Windows PC and now causing several annoying trouble. I have tried various methods to fix issues related with this malware but nothing worked. Could you suggest some proper solution to get rid of this pesky malware? Please help Actually, Izogreb.ru is recognized as perilous browser hijacker threat that secretly makes changes to default and existing settings of computer. It has been created by group of cyber criminals with their wrong motive and evil intentions. Once inside your computer, it makes changes to your homepage, search page and new tab without having your any permission or knowledge. Due to existence of this threat, you are unable to surf Internet properly and perform various tasks both online and offline. This nasty threat is capable to target all your popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari and others. Read more

Remove ‘Error # S47452D’ Pop-Up (Removal Method)

Steps to eliminate ‘Error # S47452D’ Pop-Up ‘Error # S47452D’ Pop-Up is a spam message developed by cyber criminals with their evil intention and wrong motives. It constantly shows fake warning messages and alerts on your computer screen that interrupts your online session and restricts to perform various tasks both online and offline. This nasty malware is capable to block your web browser and restricts to switch new tabs, close tabs and others. It also creates several unwanted desktop shortcuts, duplicate files or folders that take huge hard disk space and drag down overall PC running. Due to existence of ‘Error # S47452D’ Pop-Up virus, you have to come across plenty of unwanted changes to setting of Internet and browsers without your any notification or knowledge. It makes changes to desktop background, adds new plug-ins, toolbars to installed browsers and alters HOST files and DNS configuration without your any authorization. Read more

How to remove Windows Session Console Weather

Brief description of Windows Session Console Weather Do you irritated with constant pop ups of ads related with Windows Session Console Weather? Have you tried several methods but still unable to fix related problems? Are you searching for an effective method to get rid of annoying trouble? If true then your entire search ends here. With solution given in this article, you will find complete and instant solution for removal of this malware. Actually, Windows Session Console Weather is identified as potentially unwanted program (PUP) or Adware that secretly targets all your popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari and others. It frustrates users by constantly showing irrelevant ads and pop ups on display screen. The ads show on your display screen is oriented to weather forecast that interrupts your online session and prevents to perform various tasks. It also has ability to bombard targeted computer screen with attractive Read more

Remove SpyHunter (Complete Uninstallation Guide)

SpyHunter is a very powerful and reliable PC security and repair program that you can download from its official websites or from third-party associate websites. It does quick as well as deep scanning and protects your work-station from all kind of real-time threats and issues. However many of you are reading this blog not because you want its review but probably you want to uninstall it from your PC. You are not satisfied with its features or probably you don’t know about its complete feature and unable to use them. So, before going to uninstall SpyHunter, it is important that you know its complete features because it is probably the best anti-malware tool and real-time Online browsing protection available.

Remove Reimage Repair (Complete Instruction)

Reimage Repair is a PC optimization tool and the brand name “Reimage” is known to make several computer security programs earlier. In the past, Reimage had developed and marketed several PC security programs which are not in circulation these days. Some of the popular reimage products were “Reimage Community Smartbar”, “Reimage Smartbar” and “Reimage Customized Web Search”. First of all, being a security expert I must inform you that reimage are not a PC virus or PUP. It is a reputable anti-virus and is a proper firewall security and anti-malware tool which is used my world-wide users. However, there are so many negative claims associated with it. The most notable is that adware like “DNS Unlocker” regularly shows pop-ups promoting Reimage Repair on every visited webpage.

Unpatched Microsoft Edge and IE Vulnerability Published by Google Publically

Google has again publically revealed the unpatched vulnerabilities in Microsoft products for second time and this time it is associated with Edge and IE. Interestingly, they have published vulnerabilities about the Windows GDI (Graphics Device Interface) components few days back. Till now, the bug remained unpatched as Microsoft didn’t reveal their February’s Patch Tuesday security updates due to last minute issue.

Ransomware attack on MySql Database

MySql is one of the most used and popular database System around the world and is most trusted in terms of security and reliability. But, unfortunately it is now not safe enough because the reports of hijacking MySql databases are coming. According to security breach detection team namely GuadiCore, the internet exposed MySql servers are attacked through brute-force and they are more than hundreds in numbers. They use simple ransomware attack technique that is to attack the server, encrypt or delete the files and then ask the victim to pay 0.2 Bitcoin which is equivalent to $235. Interestingly, most of these attacks are coming from server situated in Netherland. The attack first started on 12 Feb which lasted for 30 hours. The attackers tried to make their way in MySql root accounts. The IP address of the attacker is which is hosted by a company name as “WorldSteam”. Though Read more

Best process to remove Dppplugin.dll

How to Uninstall Dppplugin.dllwith Simple Steps If you Windows PC got infected with Dppplugin.dll virus and you are finding hard to get rid of this annoying trouble then you have reached right place. With given step by step information, you will be able to get eliminate this nasty threat permanently. You just require reading this post carefully and following mentioned guidelines. Actually, Dppplugin.dll is listed under category of Trojan infection. It has been created by cyber hackers with their evil motive wrong intention. As this nasty threat manages to settle down successfully, it opens doors for cyber criminals to drop other harmful malware such as worms, backdoor, rootkits and others. Due to presence of this nasty malware, you are unable to perform several tasks both online and offline. It has ability to manipulate installed browsers and affects you’re browsing by showing lots of commercial ads offering discount, coupon codes, deals Read more