2000 phishing domains exposed by Security Experts

The penetration and wide reach of Internet has boosted the number of cyber-frauds and scams in world-wide geographical regions. There are phishing websites often categorized as browser-hijacker which cheat the innocent victims. It will be very good if novice user gets a database where list of dangerous websites are stored and they can access it anytime to know the legitimateness of a particular domain. The group of cyber-experts at techhelplist.com has made an attempt to make this dream in reality. They have published a public article where more than 2000 phishing domains have been exposed for their suspicious activities. The list of phishing domains has been categorized in four categories.

  1. Single-brand domains
  2. Domains involved in cyber-crime activities
  3. Websites containing compromised contents and other data
  4. Websites participating as a processor for phishing data

The office website of TechHelpList contains more details about these phishing websites. The first part of this potential phishing websites were published in the first week of February and many of the websites in the list are already shut-down. The different categories of phishing websites indicate that different spam websites have different agendas. Some are involved in commercial ads promotion and services while other could offer fake technical support services and manipulates the innocent victim to reveal their personal credentials such as username, bank account details, password, and login information and so on. For instance, many Trojans and Spyware use 1000 of website for promoting its bundlers and installers. They urge the innocent victims to update software like flash player or java files and secretly download malware infection which are bundled with it. The adware like MySafeSavings are also distributed by these phishing websites and ruined the Online browsing experience of thousands of users.

There is no surprise that most of the phishing websites in the list are hosted on USA or Canada based server. These websites are a danger for smooth Online browsing activities and data security. This will definitely help you avoid few highly malicious websites circulating over Internet. For complete browsing protection, it is always better to use a powerful anti-malware tool which will automatically block such websites to open in your browser.