About Malware-board.com

Here over malware-board.com, we offer latest articles or guide for recently found malware infections as well as other security threats that may reside on computer anytime through malicious means over the internet. Since browsing the internet is now become a very common work globally as it offers a number of services, informative sources, and many more without getting out in the market, it can be risky as well if not properly accessed by the users. This is because the trending usage of internet provides cyber crooks to find out a large number of proposed ways to make money by cheating users. So, being preventive against these threats is highly suggested to all PC users whether they are using any operating system on their machine. The possible threats that may attack a computer can be termed under many categories like malwares, viruses, browser hijackers, and so on that once get installed on computers, may manage to risk your private details as well as the smooth function of PC. So, this blog is devoted to all such PC users who can get latest news over trending threats as well as the way to rid out the possible infection if running on their computer system unfortunately.

What is Malware?

Malware is a kind of specialised program that is different from viruses, and attacks mostly through online means like malicious sites, spam emails, fake downloads, etc. This works on the basis of manipulating the browsers or system settings that further causes silent vulnerabilities inside system to allow hackers implementing any possible tactics to trick users paying some amount whether it be in form or extortion money, to buy some fake security programs, commissions through promotional links or advertisements and so on. However, getting the computer stroked by any of these means can be annoying for individual users, so they should install all powerful security ends to keep their PC protected against malware intrusions. In addition to these, keep the security programs updated is highly suggested as the hackers are working day and night to program new threats by implementing latest techniques and if the security ends are not updated regularly, may risk the PC getting affected in no time.

What is antimalware program and why it’s recommended to be installed?

Since most of the individuals are well known to potential risk of foreign invaders like virus or malware, they might opt antivirus program with various features. But many of the antivirus solutions are not capable to provide complete protection against malware intrusions due to limited features. In such cases, the recommendation to install a powerful antimalware solution is highly recommended that would keep your system security ends to be complete and assures the system is powered with world class security to prohibit any foreign intruders. Antimalware is none other than a kind of program like antivirus that are specifically developed to fight and cure the problems against malware strikes. As per our experts, here suggested a few of powerful antimalware solution that you should try or opt to make your PC running smoothly without any issues.

Spyhunter 4

SpyHunter is one of the most reliable and powerful real time engine designed to assist PC users defending their computer against malicious threats like adware, spyware, trojans, keyloggers, c vc ransomwares, etc. This is empowered with the most advanced technology to detect the hidden presence of unwanted items that may deploy either third party destructive agents or infectious programs that may cause the damage to PC through itself. It also offers several customization facilities to meet each and every need of its consumers. Apart from this, it comes with some other functions like HelpDesk, Real Time Scanner, Custom Scan, etc that makes protecting the PC from malware attacks a bit easier. Learn more

Malwarebytes 3.0 

Malwarebytes Antimalware is another recommendation from our experts, that’s a software available for Windows, Mac and Android based platforms as well. It’s was released by Malwarebytes Corporation in January 2006, and is available in a few version as well that scans and removes malware. In order to avail its other functions like Scheduled scans, real time protection, and flash memory scanner, the users would have to update this program later by having its licensed version. So, if you are considering another option beside SpyHunter then Malwarebytes antimalware can be the 2nd option for you to avail the best. Learn more


In the run of selection regarding trustworthy antimalware solution for Windows, Wipersoft Antimalware is another powerful contender that is a real time Windows security tool. It’s capable to scan the PC and find all unwanted application or malware items that managed to reside in computer. This tool has interactive interface to provide you an easy way to protect your computer completely against malwares like browser hijacker, adware, PUPs, ransomware, and many more. This program is basically prepared by taking several concerns like daily use, access at an ease, run time scanner, and many more which altogether assures your PC security at great level. And if you select Wipersoft for your PC, you are really going the avail the best benefits for your personal satisfaction. Learn more


As per our expert’s recommendations, Plumbytes antimalware is also a reliable contender in list of trustworthy antimalware solution for a PC. Although this is a new antimalware in the market, it offers great features and carries positive response from its consumers worldwide. This program is developed by Plumbytes software, which is a UK based company who created this really powerful antimalware solution for computer users, and even certified by most of the software check associations. It not only capable to remove malware but spyware threats as well, so it can also be considered as a safe security tool for your computer system if you are seeking a powerful and reliable security ends for your Windows PC. Learn more